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Owner / Founder Change Requests

By default, only the chat room founder can change the accounts of other administrators or access the chat room admin panel. If you need to change the account identified as the founder account, please private message me with the information in the form below. Do not post your verification key publicly on the forums, as it is used to verify your personal account. Also, the PM must be sent to me, and not to any other staff members, as other staff members do not have access to Chatcave's servers. 

Quote:Change Ownership Form: 
Chat Room URL: 
Current admin username: 
Administrator userkey (use /userkey to obtain your verification key in the chat room):
Username of new owner: 

This form will be processed manually, and your userkey will be verified to ensure that only you will be able to hand off ownership of your chat to another user. If you are not trying to change chat ownership, and have simply forgotten your administrator password, simply use the password reset feature instead.

Please allow us up to 48 hours to make the change, as this has to be done manually! - Our next project...

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