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Moderators and Users - Official Documentation

#1 is based on Ajax chat! But one feature that we've worked extensively on is related to the process of managing moderators and administrators. If you were to host Ajax Chat yourself, you'd have to edit your chat's code. Here at Chatcave, we have commands to do it instead. 

Additionally, we have a full-fledged nickname registration system (somewhat similar to how IRC handles nicknames), which can be used by users to register their own accounts. This feature can be enabled or disabled in your chat room's administration panel. (add ?view=admin to the end of your chat URL to access the admin panel. ) 


Managing Chat Moderators
/usermod [username] [new user role] 

The /usermod command modifies the user role of any user in the chat room that you designate. For example, /usermod Darth-Apple administrator would make me an administrator in the chat room. Here are the following roles you can define: 

/usermod AmazingUser1234 administrator
Make the user a chat administrator. Chat administrators have red usernames (on most themes), can access chat room logs, and can manage other users and promote moderators.   

/usermod AmazingUser1234 moderator
Moderators can kick/ban users from the chat room, delete messages, and perform other moderation actions. Moderators, however, cannot access logs or promote/demote other moderators.

/usermod AmazingUser1234 user
Sets AmazingUser1234 back to a regular user. 

/usermod AmazingUser1234 guest
Yes this works. Actually, well, they are still a user without the perks. Technically the only thing this accomplishes is it disables private channel access. Ajax chat requires you to be at least "user" status to access this feature. 

/usermod AmazingUser1234 chatbot
Yes this actually works too. Try it if you wish. 

Some security concessions for your chat: 
  • Only administrators can access the /usermod command! Moderators cannot edit the user roles of other users. 
  • Only the chat room owner/founder can edit the users of other administrators! Even though administrators can edit any other user (including moderators), they cannot edit each other or edit the user role of the founder. 


Changing passwords and usernames

Nickname registration is optional, and is enabled by default. If you choose to disable it, everyone will have to join your chat as a guest. Users can do this simply by not filling out the password field on the login page. They will automatically be logged on as a guest in your chat room with their chosen username. 

Nickname registration is a powerful feature, however, and it allows users to protect their usernames in the chat room. Here's how this works: 

Step 1: They go to login, and click on the "register your nickname" link on the login page. They fill out their desired username, password, and (optionally) their email. Emails are ONLY used strictly to provide a means for users to reset their passwords. We will never send emails out to users of your chat room for any other purpose. This is optional for users and this field isn't required.

Step 2: They log in with their new username and password. Now they are a registered user! And because they are a registered user, should you decide to give them moderator or administrator privileges,  you now have the ability to do so through the /usermod command. 

If users forget their passwords, they can simply click on the reset password link through the login page and reset their password this way. However, if they do not have an email address listed, you will have to reset their password for them as an administrator. 

If you, as an administrator, receive a request to change a user's password, you can use the following command to do so: 

/password [user] [newpassword]


Changing Usernames

There is a feature in Ajax Chat called /nick [newusername], which allows you to change your display name in the chat room without logging out and logging back in. This only changes your username for the current session, and users will need to log back in under their old username once they leave the chat room. Users cannot currently change their own usernames, but an administrator can permanently change it using the following command: 

/username AmazingUser1234 [new user name]

Similarly, emails can be changed by chat room administrators as well: 
/email AmazingUser1234

If you have any questions, please reply to this thread or post a support thread! - Our next project...

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