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Support Forum Rules: Read This First!

This section of the forum is the official support forum for our wing. The forums have been merged to make support more accessible for chatcave. All of the regular forum rules apply for this section as well. Additionally, we have a few other guidelines. 

1. Do not PM staff members for support.  Create a thread here instead, it will be seen! Unsolicited support PMs will be ignored. Additionally, please note that not all staff members of Makestation are staff members of Chatcave, so please do not send them PMs, as they will not know what to do.  

2. You must be 13 years or older to use this service, and you must enforce this on your own chat room.  We have deleted chat rooms in the past for failing to enforce this. This is to comply with laws that are applicable to our service, and we are required to do so by law. If you have a report of any misconduct by users of this service, please shoot me a PM (this will not be considered unsolicited, and I will investigate it promptly). Additionally, as a user of this service, you are responsible for enforcing applicable laws for your own community.

3. This is a free service. While we try to make our service the best free chat room hosting service around, please understand that this service is not profitable for us in any capacity, and we do it for the sake of trying to provide a good service for other communities alone. If you are not happy with our service, you are welcome to host your own chat or use an alternative service.  Wink

4. All chat rooms share the same files.  We cannot provide specialized features for individual chat rooms because these settings and/or features would affect all chat rooms. It is a limitation in the way that our service is designed to allow it to scale to hundreds of chat rooms without overloading our servers! An IRC-based solution may be a good alternative if our services are not adequate.

5.  Unfortunately, we cannot extend the limits in the software to allow more users to be online.  This, again, is due to limitations in our servers. Unfortunately chat rooms tend to be very server intensive. If you need more than 30 users online at any given time, we recommend finding an IRC-based solution for your community. :Smile

6. We have plenty of documentation available! actually has an extensive documentation page right on the homepage with all of the most frequently asked questions, so whatever your question may be, it has probably already been answered. If not, check out the tutorials posted here, or feel free to create a support thread!

7. Welcome to the larger community. If you like us, have a peek around. We're friendly around here!


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