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NFL Season 2018

Looks like Fitzpatrick is benched already. Got to clear him from FF. Undecided
the bucs defense may be the worst defense in the history of the NFL

its to bad fitz has to take the fall for this ?
Sports fanatic
Yeah, that was a bad game. Very disappointed for him. He balled out and didn't deserve to get benched for one bad game against the best defense in the NFL, while playing on the team with the worst.
Guardian im off to a pretty good start this year in FF
Im in second place currently with a  3-2 record Smile
Sports fanatic
Foul language incoming:

f*** the Rams and Stan Kroenke. Traitor.
(October 12th, 2018 at 9:37 PM)Thomas Wrote: Traitor.

St. Louisan I assume?

I FINALLY got my first FF win of the season. Haven't had the time to invest in it.
Guardian i am glad u got your first Ff win
I have now moved to 4-2 and in first place so far Smile
Sports fanatic
(October 18th, 2018 at 8:39 PM)Guardian Wrote:
(October 12th, 2018 at 9:37 PM)Thomas Wrote: Traitor.

St. Louisan I assume?

I FINALLY got my first FF win of the season. Haven't had the time to invest in it.

Yes Sad
(October 19th, 2018 at 1:15 AM)Thomas Wrote: Yes Sad

Definitely a reason to be annoyed there.

Thanks brian!

Had to pick up Nick Chubb after Carlos Hyde was traded to the Jags.
The bucs have evened up there record at 3-3..
But did not play well Sad
Sports fanatic
I really think they should have stuck with Fitzpatrick. Winston is too much trouble and not really that great of a QB.
A FF update from me Smile
Im in first place at 6-2 .. and on a record points scoring pace of over 120 points/ game.. !!
Sports fanatic
Still only won 1 game. My season is over. Tongue

Pats, Chiefs, Rams, Saints.... all look like the teams to beat this year.
Guardian, I am sorry its been a  rough FF this season for you !

I am still currently in first place with a record of 7-2

I am on a real roll where i am averaging over 140 points the last 4 games in row..
Sports fanatic
Wow, finally got another one. I'm 2-7 now. Had the 2nd highest points in the league this weekend. My team is late bloomers I guess.

Very nice!
sure , that can very well happen that you finish strong late..

See also we just have 8 teams , with a 6 team playoff format

So only 2 each year dont make the playoffs...

I have forgotten if I have ever asked you what your playoff format is for you, Guardian ?
Sports fanatic
The top half goes for the title, the bottom half competes for the 'Toilet Bowl' Tongue

I seemed to have won again... finished strong indeed. Tongue
ok this is very good news that you have at least finished strong Guardian !

I lost by a lot this past week to break my  5 game win streak...

But most likely i will need to win just 1 of my final 3 games to get a first round bye in our playoffs Smile

I will keep you updated of course..
Sports fanatic

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