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The Simmania Tribute Thread

Hello all, 

So a community that was near and dear, and beloved by several of us here, has now (apparently, as I'm told) been put to rest. Not all of us are members of this community, and neither are we at MS, an offshoot in any capacity. But many of the members that were the most invested in MS were invested here because they supported what we did, and a couple of us were active members over at Simmania. Other communities that people have come from that have made the MS community include the general MyBB community (including Icyboards), as well as a few other websites, and collectively, they have made us what we are. (I have faith. We'll make it further! Tongue)

But Simmania ( was something special of its own. Founded in 2010, it has brought over eight years of tight-knit community that has stayed true to its values. I write this as a former admin of the community from years back, as it started off with a core group of about four or five people, most of which aren't around today, until around 2013ish, where members such as pupper_donut and brian come from. The community was a small Simcity fansite with a very active chat community that slowly spread out 

It was never a huge forum. It had about 35K posts about ~300 members, many of whom had posted, by the time it had disappeared. So this thread shall serve as a tribute to one of our biggest inspirations as a community. And because some of the same members that supported Simmania now are here supporting MS, and because MS shares much of the same tight-knit atmosphere that defined Simmania, Makestation now says profoundly, thank you. 

May a tribute to Simmania be held here in this thread. 
Farwells, beloved community. - Our next project...
thanks so much for this man..

i am so emotional right now, thinking of all the great times and great memories i have from this...
Sports fanatic
I am going to miss the ole site. Although as i continue to see and chat with some of you guys on discord, and of course we also still have this site...
( which I still connect to simmania in many ways ). And also I am still planning to continue with what i refer to as the Simmania CJ's , here on this site.. to keep alive the spirit and name of Simmania is not like its all completely over.

But I would like to give a special thanks to Matt, pupper, Darth-Apple + sam for the wonderful job they all did in running the site + having the site last an amazing 9 years..
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