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Program for evidence of the Larger Consciousness System ( LCS)

  This is my introductory post on my summer program to both explore and provide evidence for the LCS. I will be posting my experiences in semi -journal form here. But I may also have supplemental postings explaining what I am doing and also why I am doing this.. This will depends on time constraints. As the busiest part of job season is also during the summer. This will also depends on "interests levels" withing this forum community about this topic and its content.

I encourage other to participate here and ask any questions they would like to.
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I have to ask, what got you interested in this field? Although this question is unrelated, I like the fact that we have people on this site who do good research on this. Smile
Interesting research topic.
(June 23rd, 2013 at 1:28 AM)t3haco link Wrote: I have to ask, what got you interested in this field? Although this question is unrelated, I like the fact that we have people on this site who do good research on this. Smile

Well I had been interested for a long time in lucid dreams, out of body experiences, and other phenomenon related to altered states of Consciousness. But my big break through into Digital reality models was my brother telling me there was a nuclear Physicist named Tom Campbell speaking on the paranormal radio program called " coast to coast". This was about 4-5 years back. And that is what really got me interested in his reality model and 3 book trilogy called " My Big Toe".
(June 23rd, 2013 at 11:21 PM)brian51 link Wrote: -snip-
Thanks for the reply Smile. I also am interested in lucid dreams and the like, although I haven't ever experienced one myself. So this sounds like it'll be interesting for me.
Sorry guys , I have not posted here for so long.
Just have a lot going on and summers are always a busy period for me because of my job.

Anyways, because I did get some interest earlier with this thread, i would like to continue it with some of my experiences and pose some interesting questions about all this.

I have recently returned to my meditation practices.
In the past i did them before i had read about Tom Campbell's digital reality model. So their purpose was different from why I do them now. At first my motivation was lacking a bit but i turned the corner when i returned to listening to some of the Hemi - Sync sound files. I now feel more the desire and motivation to do the meditation and I am practicing it more regularly.

I have also experienced some hit or miss success with accessing the LCS.
Although most of these explorations seem to occur after i have fallen asleep or I am in the transition areas between waking and sleeping. Perhaps , when I am in this state of consciousness I don't feel as blocked by ego, fears ect.. and my mind is more free of 'clutter" i think when I am in that state. My goal like many of you I have read about ,is to continue to make progress with my meditation so i would be able to access the LGS directly through meditation. So that has been what i have been working toward for now. I am trying to be patient because I do trust that as i experience continued spiritual growth through my efforts in this virtual reality the task will be made even easier. And i do realize this will take time and is a longer term commitment on my part.

So on to my questions...

I realize that any replies will always be highly subjective and personal.

Question # 1 -

this concerns changing / interpreting data streams.
First let me state that I understand that these may be 2 different steps or areas.
So for example first one must change data streams, and secondly interpret data streams.
So my question is for these processes. Does it happen for most people as this long term fading in/ deciphering/ recognition/ decoding process. ?
Or does it happen in a faster more abrupt manner, where when everything comes together, that needs to come together.. it happens ?

I actually have a good couple analogies that may make the 2 options more clear.

Which of these 2 types of processes do people experience more closely as related to identifying, changing and interpreting data streams-

The slower process -
Your driving in car at night trying to pick up those long distance radio signals from the radio stations. At first the signal comes in very jumbled , distorted and faded. But as you drive closer to the radio station the signal slowly and gradually becomes more clear.

The more abrupt process-
I am trying to recall a web address but i am having hard time recalling it.
I keep trying different web addresses but nothing happens because I just don't have that exact address. Finally, I get it right..! the correct web address in in the address bar now. i push the enter key and suddenly i am where I need to be.

So which of these 2 analogies sound more like how we change and / or interpret data streams to all of you ?

Question # 2-

Concerns a theory I have of those strange sounds I hear ( and many others who practice this).
In my past meditation practice and OBE attempts I would sometimes hear and experience this rushing sounds/ sensation. It took me awhile but i finally realized this was some enhanced sounds coming from the fan I leave on each night in my bedroom. I noticed i would experience all of this most often when I became lucid in some of the transitions between realities. It mostly sounded like the sound was more focused and enhanced but also perhaps sped up for a few moments. I was more sure of this when I now notice the same type of thing happens with the Hemi -Sync sound files. It clearly sounds like its sped up for a few moments. And it also became louder in volume during that time. Once I have fully returned to PMR all of this stops abruptly. It may happens several times/ meditation or sleeping period.

My take on this is what i am experiencing is the transition between 2 realities which have there own individual rule sets, time, lag and lag adjustments. So as i am in this transition ,and/ or parallel processing those aspects I just mentioned, those aspects have to all be adjusted from one reality frame to the other. And this is what I am both hearing and experiencing. So for example from dream reality to PMR.

Do any others have any experiences similar to this and/ or input on my theory on the cause of these strange sounds ?

I just wanted to add that while i was writing the post, it dawned on me what I am in fact asking about is 2-3 sub processes or more , of doing this rather than it sounding like its all one process ? So apply what I have posted to any of those multiple processes I talk about ( identifying, changing and interpreting ) data streams, in any replies, thanks !

Thanks for any and all replies to my Post.

Nice post. I have one question,

how do you manage to discipline yourself to get in the right mind/stage of sleep? Usually, both for REM and NREM sleep cycles, it can be difficult to recall much and it's hard to control. Being someone who has had sleep issues in the past, it interests me.

(July 20th, 2013 at 4:20 AM)Darth-Apple link Wrote: Nice post. I have one question,

how do you manage to discipline yourself to get in the right mind/stage of sleep? Usually, both for REM and NREM sleep cycles, it can be difficult to recall much and it's hard to control. Being someone who has had sleep issues in the past, it interests me.


Actually, I am still working towards that in a way.
The goal would be to be able to change data streams during a deep meditiative state.
So in other words all of the paranormal (ish) events I have had occur so far have happened in a random fashion more or less. But these types of events (+ dreaming ), typically happens in a lighter sleep. At least your ability to recall your dreams is helped if you are in a state which is close to waking. This is because your mind is at its most (Lucid) in such an instance.

  But in any case Blake if your having trouble sleeping well, you way want to try the meditation/ Hemi sync sound files, because one of the biggest by-products of it is relaxation.

Does any of this help at all in answering your question ?

thanks, Brian
I think that explains it well enough. Thanks.
Very interesting post brian. I have had and still have sleep issues, which I usually owe to my mind which simply doesn't shut off. I've found that simply getting nice and comfortable in bed (which is hard for me to do for whatever reason) and just focusing on thinking about one thing helps me fall asleep.

As for recalling dreams, it only really happens for me if it's a lucid dream. Otherwise, it's as if I didn't even have a dream. I've tried to remember dreams in the past, but have failed, except in the event that its a lucid dream.
Sometimes I do have sleep apnea. And when I was a small boy epilepsy sometimes in the night. I do in fact recall dreams sometimes, and maybe even repeat dreams.
I don't have sleep apnea, at least to my knowledge. I don't have the symptoms of it. Also, I sleep very deeply, so much so that I almost always sleep straight through the night without interruption. So that makes it even more difficult to recall dreams.
It's usually pretty difficult to recall a dream if you haven't been awaken in the middle of it.
(July 20th, 2013 at 7:59 PM)Darth-Apple link Wrote: It's usually pretty difficult to recall a dream if you haven't been awaken in the middle of it.

This is a very accurate comment by Blake.
The best recall of dreams is with a poor night's sleep.
So awakenings that occur during the night , broken up by shorter periods of a lighter sleep.

thanks, Brian
I wanted to report that I have made "first contact" with my sister in another reality.
When i have more time i will post on this experience for those who might be interested.

We are continuing to work together to provide more substantial validation of the digital reality model created by Tom Campbell.. I will be using this thread now to update on this progress for "others" .

thanks, Brian
Look forward to future updates!
Okay thanks Blake !

Well since there has already been some early interest in this, i have decided to go ahead and post the details of this first contact experience between my sister and I

Just too give a little back ground again on what were trying to do.
My sister has a more involved goal that she would like to try to remote view inside my bedroom. ( I have a new house so she has not been here before .)

So I suggested let us first start with a smaller goal of just "connecting"
I may have suggested that she take the lead and contact me first , but i do not recall this for sure. I tried to make sure that she understood that do not expect results to come too fast and this could take many nights and a lot of practice from both of us before anything meaningful may happen. So of course the first few nights we tried to "connect" not much happened. I suppose part of the problem with trying this between 2 people. The parties have to be in the right meditative state , but you are not exactly sure when this occurs each night. in trying to make the attempt to "hook up" as it were. Anyways as the nights passed by without anything happening i think I just assumed that maybe my sister was practicing less as she has a busy life otherwise. But of course I was unsure about this too.

Okay so i think its maybe now 2 night ago i had trouble sleeping,
and the best i can determine it was about 4 am from my end. At the time i was in that "in between zone" between wakefulness and sleep and i was thinking about playing some of Tom's U- tubes and than try to go to sleep again as I listened to the videos we love. I often do this when i have trouble sleeping. Suddenly, and quite out of the "blue" as it were, I hear a voice which is quite clear and distinct say slowly, " B R I A N"..
It did cause just the hint of fear in me as I am not know for my LCS experiences involving hearing voices. More on that in a bit...

But I did have a guess on who called out my name and it was narrowed down to either my sister or my aunt, who both have paranormal ability and experiences they have shared with me.

But let me back track a bit and mention a few things up to this point -

1) I didn't have too many previous experiences hearing voices, so really just the one time I felt I was connected to the data bases and I heard people talking with each other. In that case the voices all seemed "muffled" and not clear and distinct voice like this experience was. And than I do hear strange sounds ect, but not so much voices in my prior LCS experiences.

2) This voice I never thought for a moment come from PMR . So for example, it never occurred to me maybe its somebody calling my name from my bedroom .

So the next morning I felt the high probability was it was something to do with my sisters attempts to make contact with me in another reality other then PMR. So I called her and i first mention what had happened . There was a long pause of the phone as she was quite excited . And than she told me she had tried to contact me in the correct time window which i had heard my name called. She had said first , " Brian ?" And than this was followed by, " Brian, where are you ?.
But as i mentioned I only heard the first " Brian ?" part of it.

I would like to conjecture at this point that the reason the name came through to me so easily and unfiltered was because i was actually unaware of my sister's attempts to contact me. And than once I heard my name I than got too excited and "process-y" to get her second statement totally unfiltered. With again the usual concept that as un-experienced novices in the LCS , we many times get in our own way with attempting these experiences.

In any event we have decided to set a next 'interim goal" of doing a basic "back and forth' communication between us. So for example I would again wait for the "contact que" of my sister first calling my name. And than i will next make an attempt at sending her my thoughts. Than we can try to again verify everything the next morning to see how successful all of this was.

More to follow, Brian
I am currently Involved in some projects involving Remote viewing type exercises.
So with this , people write down a 3 digit number and put them inside a plain envelope. And than during meditation sessions you see if you can guess the number or how close you can come to accurately guessing the #'s..

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