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Forum and site improvments

(June 15th, 2018 at 3:48 PM)SpookyZalost Wrote:
(June 15th, 2018 at 2:56 AM)Darth-Apple Wrote: The shoutbox will be the hardest to do that with, so I'll probably just hack the living daylights out of it to make it work on 1.9

@darth, what about integrating the Makestation chat over at the chatcave with the site to replace the shoutbox?

Oh, integration could be a great idea for a plugin, which could increase the use of chatcave maybe? Instead of popping out the shoutbox, it goes to Chatcave.

Would increase visibility here too.
I would love to integrate it with Chatcave, but I think the shoutbox we have here is probably better to be honest. Ajax Chat (the software that Chatcave uses) has a pretty good shoutbox, but integrating it here in a seemless way would be very difficult. If we did, it would not be anywhere near as seamless as what we have now (would have different smilies, styling, etc. )

Unfortunately every chat on Chatcave shares the same files too, so it might be a little bit more difficult than it may seem to make chat-room specific modifications.


Also, I've decided it's time to pretty much clear the air. I've spent some time researching and testing, and have decided that we will be sticking with MyBB (unless anything drastic happens, which at this point is highly unlikely). MyBB is far superior (which, of course, should come as a surprise to no-one). It's more outdated in some respects, but a lot of its drawbacks can easily be fixed with community themes, community developers, plugins, etc. If we were to convert to phpBB, we would spend months trying to get the new site to be where our current site is now, and the final result would be an upgrade that wasn't really an upgrade at all.

So there we have it. I gave phpBB the most honest consideration possible (just to see if there was any possibility at all that it *might* be better for us), and I think we have a pretty clear verdict. And also, everyone here has unanimously put in their vote for MyBB, so thank you all for your feedback and suggestions! As always, all feedback has a major impact on the decisions we make as a community. I like to think of MS is a democracy of sorts. The voice of the community influences our ultimate direction as a community!

Thank you all, as always! - Our next project...

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