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has anyone heard of it?
maybe one of you has experimented with it or you know someone who has.

the long and short of it is, applying paganism, typically wicca or some other variant, modified to include technology as a component.

think of it like cyberspace is a separate dimension, your coven need not convene in one place, rather they can do their rituals online where everyone is taking part in their own homes across large distances.

You can also create runes, enact spells, etc, by using technology as a basis/alternative way to do things and still remain firmly grounded in the natural way of doing things.

then of course there's the idea that cyberspace has it's own forces and deities which you can call upon in place of/instead of/along with that which affects the physical world.

there's a lot of ideas out there but nothing truly concrete.

most famously it was claimed by a character in season 1 of the somewhat not forgotten buffy the vampire slayer TV show however there have been discussions and articles in magazines such as wired, and through online user groups such as usenet including a subgroup on alt.pagan.

so what are your thoughts on this?
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
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