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[Project] Adrift in the multiverse (a SI multicross adevnture)

Technical 1.1: How the Multiversal Bridge Generator works.

I thought I'd write up what I've got in my "Fiction bible" for the story to keep track of stuff.  To that end, let's get into the nitty gritty and do some hyperspatial/multi-dimensional warp mechanics.

Before I can explain in depth the why let's get a few things out of the way, for the drive to work the way it does a few things are assumed on my part.

  1. Dark matter is just hyperspatial matter, it's more abundant than normal matter and normal matter interacting with dark matter is what causes time dilation, and the speed of light via drag, and to some degree gravity.
  2. By manipulating the spin of certain quantum particles of which the higgs bozon is one you can generate both positive and negative gravity fields by attracting or repulsing said dark matter, it doesn't take much.
  3. there are multiple levels of FTL drive based on this concept, the MBG is the highest form and real space warp ala alcubierre is the lowest with STL being done through creating a small amount of gravity in front of the ship.
Now that that's out of the way let's look at the basics.  By generating both attractive and repulsive gravity fields space/time contracts in front of the ship and expands behind it, essentially there's a pocket of artificial mass in front of the ship, you're in free fall always moving whatever direction it is, usually forward.  there's time dilation but it's reduced because there's actually multiple pockets of artificial mass which negate and streamline the drag caused by dark matter.

[Image: Sketch-of-the-different-types-of-wakes-a...ship-3.png]

imagine what a submarine does underwater.
now imagine that but instead of water it's dark matter.
the side effect is time dilation is caused by the expansion of space which then collapses back in on it's self, this spatial anomaly can be tracked, but you can use other wake generators to act like a waveform canceler thus reducing time dilation and reducing drag.

there's more than one level too so let's list them in order

  1. Realspace warp drive - time dilated
  2. Realspace warp drive - Cancelled dilation
  3. Realspace pocket drive, when utilized properly can "dive" into higher dimensions for more efficient travel time.
  4. MBG - Trans-verse mode: Basically a wormhole drive, you're tunneling through the higher dimensions and traveling through before the tunnel collapses, distance is reliant on power output and ability to maintain wormhole stability
  5. MBG - Multiverse mode: same as above but you're going so deep into the higher dimensions you escape one universe membrane/bubble and enter another, literally bridging two universes by building a tunnel of realspace, temporarily disrupts the void, not all dangers known, creates echo's and wakes as the void fills in the space taken up by the bridge after it collapses.
all of these are basically created by gravity/anti-gravity manipulation and the manipulation of dark-matter density.

[Image: wormhole_connecting_membranes.png]

Like so only farther than just the universe next door, think sliders but with much longer distances, and of course controlled.

power input scales exponentially to distance traveled so there is a hard limit outside of extenuating circumstances.

finally there are multiple layers of multiverse, the universes within each layer all have the same or similar laws of physics but that's all determined by the general constants within each multiversal layer.

the MBG is not powerful enough to transcend layers, that's what tesseracts are for.
Tesseract: an uncommon natural weak point between multi-verse layers, usually stable, could collapse if too much energy disrupts it.

that's about all I have as to how the ascension's MBG drive works, it opens a spatial rift/wormhole, sends a small probe through to higher dimensional space to plot the route the tunnel takes and throws energy at it until the wormhole stabilizes, then the wormhole begins collapsing unless energy is being fed to keep it stable, as you can imagine it's not very efficient. but there's no other known way to traverse the mutlversal void without drawing attention of things existing within said void by essentially swimming in the deep end... and that's a very very very bad idea.

this being the way it is the ascension looks like this.

[Image: LjMbOvQ.png]

[Image: o0YbWs4.jpg]

think of it like a cross between a vulcan ship from enterprise a small imperial wedge ship and one of those triangular UFO's.

the ring is the part that maintains wormhole stability, this is fed into a series of energy emitters which fire charged particles.

on top of that at each of the 3 corners of the ship are quantum gravity manipulators utilizing the previously explained methods to not only warp space/time but allow the ship to essentially keep the section of wormhole it's in stable by pushing against the space/time framework of the tunnel.

End MBG technical explanation.
A/N: just wanted to catch this up to the main posting, enjoy guys!

************* Day 315: 12:00:00 – Ascension: Captain's Quarters - IC2118: Witchhead Nebula - Universe: Startrek: Assimilated variant. *************

Mission Log, It's been 315 days since I took command of the ascension… or I would say that if it hadn't been unilaterally thrust upon me.
I've been at this entirely too long already but I've no way home and no idea how to go back the way I came however right now I've got to say things are looking up. With our mission to the Borg sphere successful and no further retaliations from the hive Data Soong my Technical expert and engineer informs me we're ready to activate the coil and get the heck out of here.
Still the people I've gathered upon this alien vessel are all surprises to me, mostly because where I'm from they're all works of fiction. Now that I've got a means to leave this place, and a vast improvement to the MBG, I plan to hop over to the nearby Startrek Prime universe, once there I plan to give Data the option to rejoin his comrades, as I understand it they're short one data and my data is short one enterprise and her crew.

Things have been fairly quiet now that we've no need to directly confront what has to be the scariest of all science fiction villains, at least that I've encountered so far.
Q has been, surprisingly helpful as far as getting things going, though I think that's in part because we have a mutual goal, I'm under no illusions that he'll stay on after we return to the federation, there's just too much to catch up on with his prime self, and too much fun to be had with double the Q.
finally there's the case of my EMH, a grand find indeed but unfortunately a bit rushed, sadly the ole doc is very unfinished… I'm hoping doctor Zimmerman can patch him before I head back out into the multiverse.

That all being said however of all the things I've experienced I'll be glad to leave the nanoprobe infested h*** that is this variant of the trek-verse.
After I return to the federation I've got my eye on another universe to visit, though I'm not sure how the timelines will match up or where I'll exit the inter-universal wormhole but hopefully it'll be before the fall of the commonwealth, I've got my eye on some much needed upgrades and I'd much rather avoid meeting the Magog, mostly because I don't want to be paralyzed and turned into an incubation chamber.
With all that said my thoughts on all this makes me feel philosophical, and I believe Nietzsche said it best, “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.”

Acting Captain Scott, out. - End log

************* Day 315: 12:15:00 – Ascension: Bridge - IC2118: Witchhead Nebula - Universe: Startrek: Assimilated variant. *************

Anthony Scott sat down in the captains chair at the center of the bridge, Data Soong manned the helm with Q leaning against the wall near the door.
The holographic viewscreen was projected towards the front of the room showing the vast clouds outside the ship the image it's self wrapping around the room, a minor upgrade suggested by Data after going over the restricted database on the ship, apparently he got the idea from something mentioned in the Stargate Section.
The transwarp coil began humming to life deep within the engineering section as the MBG began opening a stable wormhole across the white void that is the space between realities beams of energy arcing off the ring around the back of the triangular ship and feeding the ever growing singularity in front of them.

After a brief moment of holding his breath Anthony let out a long sigh of relaxation as Data gave him the confirmation of a stable wormhole.
“mister data take us in.”
“yes sir.”
The statement was brief but the gravity lens in front of them grew bigger on the holographic display until it seemed to envelop everything, then suddenly the entire world shifted, gravity pulled in all directions as they crossed the event horizon and reality seemed to stretch out in all directions.
Q continued to be unaffected but seemed a tad uneasy for some reason then suddenly everything went white.

************* Day Error: Error - Error - Error - Universe: Error*************

Anthony found himself laying in a field of flowers underneath a great oak tree, he sat up and looked around realizing he was neither on the ship nor back home, instead the flowers and grass were alien in color, the tree's leaves were a purple hue, the grass a burgundy color but the most shocking was the sky, there were two suns both a reddish orange as well as three or four moons prominent with several smaller dots farther off.
Looking off into the distance was a tall structure, a massive glass pyramid with what looked to be large transit pathways in and out of it and surrounded by geometrically shaped buildings of some description though their purpose was unknown.
Suddenly there was a low hum as some kind of ship flew past, triangular in shape though smaller than the ascension and again with that central ring drive.

He shook his head in confusion wondering if something had gone catastrophically wrong or if Q hadn't gotten rid of hotep completely when he felt a presence right next to him, looking over he saw a woman leaning back on her elbows with a look of concern on her face.
“is something the matter?” Anthony continued to stare at this complete stranger laying right next to him.
“look if it's important we can go back, it was your idea to come out here anyway… not that I'm complaining.”
she then began to getup and held out her hand to him to help him up, taking it as he began to stand everything went white again.

************* Day 315: 12:30:30 – Ascension: Bridge - IC2118: Witchhead Nebula - Universe: Startrek: Prime. *************

“Captain.” “still no response, I don't understand it his vitals are all perfectly normal” “can you do anything for him doctor?” “I'm not sure what you want me to – wait he's coming around.”
“ugh… status report mister data.” spoke Anthony, before briefly shaking his head in an effort to clear the fog surrounding his mind, the EMH was taking scans of his body with the tricorder to ensure no other surprises were in order.
“we completed the transit between universes as expected, unfortunately you were somehow knocked unconscious by the tidal stresses.” stated Data.
“thank the gods for starfleet medicine then.” stated anthony as he slowly got to his feet steadying himself on the medical bed.

“I take it we're in the same place as we left, but without those d*** borg?” anthony inquired.
“yes, in fact I've been picking up transmissions in standard federation band's in all directions, we're in federation space.” stated the android.
“excellent, data I need to make contact with starfleet, could you please set a course for the nearest starbase and activate the mbg in trans-verse mode?”
“yes sir. Though if I might request you stay here until we arrive, that last transit had unknown effects and it might be best if you stayed here while the doctor monitors you.” Stated the anroid, a slight tone of concern in his voice.
“If you insist.” anthony stated before lying back down his mind drifting back to the strange dream he'd just had, if it was a dream, it felt too real.

************** Day 315 15:30:10 - Ascension - Federation Space Local date 11/8/2380 - Universe: Trek-Prime *************

Acting Captain's log, Day 315 - supplemental. we've finally traveled out of the Witchhead nebula and engaged the Multiversal bridge in trans-verse mode allowing us to travel almost instantaneously to any point in universe thanks to the space/time fold it generates.  Upon reaching nearby Starbase 74 Data Soong my chief technology expert opened hailing frequencies with the communications officer on said starbase making a request to speak to starbase command.  Everything was going according to plan, however what I did not expect was to find the USS Enterprise-E exiting warp and approaching the starbase as well, odd that they would come so far into federation territory when they're usually on a mission of deep space exploration.

This was all for the best of course, My data was reunited with a far older Captain Picard, sans Locutus since this is the prime universe.   Given his experiences data was re-offered his commission in starfleet and I was given some repairs and an upgraded database for my trouble.  Not everything was so cheery though, five minutes after traversing the multiversal void it turns out Q was nabbed by the continuum before he could hop to any other universes.   Since I was unconscious at the time there wasn't a lot I could do or say to stop it due to the gee forces from the transwarp coil not having been designed for the energy and distances required.

During this time I've also begun attempting to contact some of the experts from the various series including my emh's counterpart "Joe" with some research regarding using nanoprobes for cellular regeneration.   For the Gene therapy I'm going to have to look outside the federation due to their fear of genetic augmentation but hopefully a bi-yearly dose of nanoprobes should stave off aging and disease for the long term as I traverse the multiverse.   As we speak I'm currently on course to Deep space nine for some shore leave, gods know I could use a rest after spending so much time in a borg infested galaxy and besides, I've always wanted to see the real "Quark's" bar. - End Log

************** Day 318 10:00:00 - Ascension - DS9 - Docked - Universe: Trek-Prime *************

A large gear like door rolled sideways as a young man in a blue trench and black jumpsuit walked out of the docking bay, looking up he took a deep breath before following the map on his tablet to the promenade.   Upon entering the large curved shopping area he immediately headed to the upper section and leaned against one of the railings observing the other species coming and going a noticeable grin on his face.  He stood there for a while until he noticed a commotion in front of one of the larger shops, a clanging sound as a man he recognized as Bajoran was forced to leave by two station security officers followed by a short bald man with large ears and a colorful suit he immediately recognized as quark.

Walking into quarks the man immediately went up to the bar and ordered a single glass of rum, earth style specifying that the barkeep use the real stuff and not synthehaul.   "It's not often you humons order real alcohol" noted the ferengi.  "Not often I visit this part of the galaxy either" stated the man before offering a handshake, "Captain Anthony scott, and you must be quark right?" the ferengi studied him warily before grasping the offered handshake and returning it in kind.   "I don't recognize that uniform, are you part of a trade consortium?" "no actually I'm just a freelancer, been on a long term mission of exploration until recently and decided to spend some time resting before my next mission."

Quark's eyes lit up with various ideas at that and pulled out a series of cylindrical crystals, "you know if you really want to relax I've got some great holosuite programs... for a price."  Anthony smirked remembering that while he had holoprojectors throughout his ship it was lacking a startrek style holodeck.  "Actually... maybe there is something you could help me with, see I'm looking for someone to sell me a holodeck upgrade to my ship over in docking bay 5, it's a bit old fashioned with it's non solid holoprojectors and since I'm back in civilization anyway..." anthony smirked as he watched the bartender's face change in an attempt to hide any unwanted emotions.

The ferengi's eyes seemed to almost glow as he observed the human closely, a bit of an odd request but not unheard of, still latinum is latinum right? "tell you what, I can have my brother Rom install it for say... 10 strips of gold pressed latinum?" anthony considered the price, his replicators could easily produce the stuff but he figured he'd have some fun and see how far quark was willing to go for a deal.  "I don't know... I do still have to spend some cash on supplies for my next mission... how about 7?" the ferengi seemed to pause for a second.  "9 strips, and I'll include one of my more... entertaining holoprograms."  Anthony forced his face to remain calm and focused. "8 strips, and I'll give you some borg nanoprobes I acquired on my last mission."  He seemed to consider the offer when suddenly anthony spoke up "last chance, 8 strips, the nanoprobes... and I'll give you a copy of my star maps from the Delta Quadrant, very valuable given it's still uncharted." Quark nearly jumped from the surprise addition "deal!" both parties shook hands and anthony went back to enjoying his drink taking out the 8 strips plus an additional one for the drink and decent enough service and placing them on the counter the greedy ferengi gladly taking them and placing them in his pocket.

Walking out of the bar anthony headed to the stations medical wing and upon meeting Dr Bashir and getting a full suite of various immune boosters as was normal for anyone going on a long term scientific research expedition (paying in latinum of course) he stretched his legs and headed back to the ascension before noticing rom outside his ship patiently waiting.   "You must be rom right?" stated anthony extending his hand the ferengi seeming uneasy but accepting the handshake. "I've heard a lot about you and your son nog, it's great to finally meet you."  Rom still remained quiet as anthony entered the door to his ship before the ferengi spoke up "I know I shouldn't ask this but... when running the conduits for the holosuite I picked up some neutrino emissions from your engine... is that normal?"  Anthony smirked then turned around "it's not... but my vessel is outfitted with a prototype drive using a different kind of propulsion to what's standard... don't worry, the neutrinos are just a byproduct from how it works and should dissipate within 24 hours after use, I appreciate your concern though."

The ferengi seemed to relax a bit before anthony walked up to him "I would appreciate it though if you wouldn't tell anyone, due to it's special nature the drive is... classified, and it would be really bad if information about it got out ok?"  Anthony then slipped him two strips of gold pressed latinum to keep quiet, he nodded then went back to his business having finished the install of the holosuite on the Ascension.

************** Day 315 18:00: - Ascension Bridge - DS9 - Bajoran space - Universe: Trek-Prime *************

"Deep Space nine this is the Science Vessel Ascension, permission to undock?"
a familiar albeit older face came on the screen.   "permission granted, please travel along the directed flight path and thank you for visiting Deep Space Nine."  The Bajoran known as Kira closed the connection however anthony noticed the station had been probing the ship with various scans for the past half hour and wanted to leave, so just to surprise them as he left he began following the trajectory then cloaked disappearing on sensors and heading out of the system using the gravitational warp drive the ship originally came with before Hotep modified it.

Entering in the course for a less occupied region of space he set a course for a remote planet along what used to be the Cardassian/federation neutral zone and began going over his various messages and replies to the other people he'd contacted.  Joe had gotten back to him about the nanoprobes and the programming needed and a few other contacts having been forwarded payment for their services regarding the gene therapy.  He Decided to stick around for a bit longer as he wrote off another message to quark hoping he could find some info on anyone else knowledgable about genetic engineering and forwarding him the sum of 10 bars of latinum with an additional twenty promised if he succeeded noting that this had to be kept under wraps as well as a thank you for the services rendered regarding the holosuite install.  Deciding to call it a night he went to his quarters and decided to rest before he suddenly woke up in an unfamiliar place again.

************** Error - Error - Error - Universe: Error *************

Anthony awoke in a room largely curved along the outer wall with windows overlooking a vast metropolis, the large glass pyramid from the last time looming in the distance.  Climbing out of bed he walked into the next room stopping by a mirror to note that he was still himself but his clothes were a metallic grey with purple highlights and his hair had some grey in it though his face still looked to be about thirty years old.  As he entered what looked to be the main living room the smell and sound of bacon cooking and a spatula scraping against a frying pan caused him to look around for it's source only to find the woman from the hill standing similarly dressed only with black highlights along her clothes instead of his purple. "Morning" she smiled taking his hand and pulling him close to kiss him on the cheek before stopping seeing the confusion on his face.

"Did it happen again sweetie?" she stated with a concerned look, her face contorting to one of confusion and a bit of pain.  "I'm sorry... but can you tell me where we are and what year it is?" she seemed even more hurt before setting down the towel she'd been cleaning off her hands with and turned off the stove, the crackling sound of the bacon quieting until it ceased.  "The year is 15 AFC (after founding colony), we are on the third moon of the 1st planet in the system Kepler 16 which orbits both stars"  Anthony just paused taking that all in, that explains the moons and binary suns.  "we are currently in the city of Asterion in our apartment which we've shared for a couple years now."  "Wait did you say shared?" Anthony stated a bit shocked at the revelation "what is our relationship?" he stated trying to stay calm.  "I can't tell you that" she replied a bit of irritation in her voice, "I'm simply doing as you told me to, furthermore you told me to answer that question with a bit of an odd phrase... Spoilers?"  Sighing he sat down on the couch wondering how long he would be there until suddenly he woke up in his bed on board the ascension again wondering if that really was his future or just one possible future.

************** Day 368 08:30:10 - Ascension - Large Magellanic Cloud Local date 01/1/2381 - Universe: Trek-Prime *************

The room was empty, much like the rest of the ship as Anthony found himself working in the makeshift labspace he'd setup near the cargo-bay, his adventures so far having netted and then lost him his crew save for the computerized doctor who tended to stay deactivated until he was needed.  still he couldn't help but get the feeling that the ship felt cold with no-one there, suddenly the ship shook as systems all over the ship seemed to cut off and on again the alert klaxons blaring in alarm from whatever had just struck the ship.  "Computer, Status report" shouted anthony over the alarms, "Minor hull breach on deck 3, shields raised, minimal damage."  Quickly scrambling for the bridge he leaped over the edge of the table, the .8g's allowing him more freedom of movement. suddenly his arm reached out to practically throw himself through the door, the strength augmentations clearly working as he rolled then continued running down the hallway reaching the bridge in all of thirty seconds.

As he entered the bridge the holographic displays came to life showing views in every direction when suddenly he noticed a distortion in space.  "computer analyze that distortion" he barked as he sat down in the central command chair, the various addon's allowing for it to control the entire ship.  "Unknown Spatial Distortion, scans show similarities with inter-verse drive mode" the computer replied, the voice robotic but natural.  "Activate particle cannons and Trans-phasic torpedoes, set particle beams to rotating frequencies", a series of chirps and beeps was all he heard as the ship's targeting sensors began focusing on the anomaly.  Suddenly the anomaly shifted and a cubic shape could be made out, "you've got to be kidding me"  stated anthony, his voice surprised by the sudden appearance of a trans-meta tesseract.

************** Day 373 13:00:22 - Ascension - Large Magellanic Cloud Local date 01/5/2381 - Universe: Trek-Prime: Near tesseract *************

Captain's Log, Day 373, I've encountered something very similar to the route of ages from back when I used to watch andromeda, while I hoped to utilize it after traveling to the andromeda's local cluster of universes as a way to get home I never expected to find one out here in the trek-verse.  Scanning it shows that it definitely leads somewhere and appears to be stable but I'm not sure where that somewhere is out there in the meta,  all my probes can tell me is that there are no nearby inhabited universes, at least as far as humanoid civilizations go.  I'm preparing to cross it now, if it's anything like using the MBG this will be both disorienting and potentially risky so I'm having the Holo-doc keep an eye on my vitals just in case.

************** Day 373 13:30:15 - Ascension - Unknown - Unknown: Near tesseract *************

My vision finally began to stop bluring as the Holo-doc injected a concoction into my neck, I'll give the federation one thing, they've got great health plans.  I got up out of my chair and walked down the corridor at the back of the bridge until I reached the briefing room, besides having a replicator this place has a holographic projector and I needed to get my local bearings.  with quick series of commands the projector came to life as local stars and data from the probes sent earlier began feeding into the image, it's complexity increasing with a galactic overview showing shortly after.  "Confirmed 98% match, location is in the Orion arm, Milky way galaxy, Universe Unknown"  the computer chimed before the projection began overlaying names on the various points of light.  "Computer, Send a probe to map the sol system, look for local indicators of life, also these three systems here" I gave the command and the computer followed the indicators for the probe's appearing on the map.  There was a series of brief flashes out the window as the probes activated their warp bubbles and began on their course, the Cerenkov flash quite visible from several thousand Kilometers out on board the ascension.

************** Day 374 10:45:00 - Ascension - Unknown - Unknown: Sol System *************

Captain's log, Day 374, it was going to take a while for the probes to feed back the requested information, in that time I had sent several dozen more.  The biggest surprise of all of this though was what I found on earth, the planet appeared to be just like the one I came from, same year, except a few months later, it was august of 2020, I was kind of hoping to head to one of the planets and plan a way to re-join society when I got the biggest shock of my life.  It started around 21:00 hours local time, a brief nuclear flash over kansas followed by two or three more over europe and asia, then another dozen, and another hundred,  I was filled with dread watching my potential new home nuke it's self into oblivion, thousands of people dead, satellites communicating but no-one there to listen.  as you can imagine the information was a couple hours old, quantum entanglement delay being what it is since I was still several dozen light years from sol.  Anyway I've setup shop in mars orbit waiting for the radiation to die down before looking for survivors but things don't look great, this isn't my earth, I checked, Anthony is or was still alive down there before some hot head pressed the idiot button and I'm not exactly keen to take his place.

_end log.

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