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Holy Penguin Cyborgs Batman! Deus Ex on linux!

so I may be coming late to the party but I was looking over the steam sales and was pleasantly surprised to find that just 15-16 years after the previous attempt we finally have a deus Ex title on linux!

yeah that's right, Deus Ex mankind divided has a linux native port which you can download and play on steam!

now the last time this was tried was with the original Deus Ex which was released sometime around late 2000 early 2001, then Loki Games picked it up and unfortunately the timing was bad, they released a linux demo but closed down before we got to see JC denton on a Nix platform leaving it on consoles and windows.

however in November we got a really awesome surprise, Adam Jensons's new title Deus Ex Mankind Divided was ported to linux over Mac! what a shocker that is.

he's no JC denton but we finally got that Deus Ex on linux title we were promised, I'll let you guys know how it is once I finish playing it  Big Grin
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