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Desker Suite

[Image: deskerlogo.png]

Desker Suite is a free, GPL-licensed "social website" suite, aimed at being a free alternative to commercial products such as vBulletin and the Invision Power series of scripts. It is developed by DeskerSoft, an Indianapolis-based software development company. It includes a forum and blog feature as of 1.0-RC1.

1.0-RC1 (Release Date: TBA):
  • Incomplete beta release
  • Multimedia sharing module not complete
  • CSS relies mostly on normalize.css
Seems like a great idea to me. vBulliten especially has declined quite a bit recently, and I think that there is definitely a big market for forum software with a modern twist.

Looking forward to further updates. Big Grin - Our next project...
@Darth-Apple: Thanks! I have the server up so I plan to work on it today. Smile

So, I have the Desker Suite folder ready and it is 260 KB at the moment, consisting of jQuery, normalize.css, a logo and the GPL license. Will add code today. Smile
That's not a bad start. Usually when it comes to coding projects, the framework is the hardest part to code, but once that's done everything begins to fall into place. Looking forward to updates. Big Grin - Our next project...
Desker's site (registered but not designed) is up! I just registered the domain yesterday and have nginx up and running. Check back soon for the site. Smile
Hope you can stick to this - must be a little daunting Tongue - there needs to be some sort of new forum software to kick things up a notch. Smile
[Image: 3GnR8g1.jpg]
@simlink: I hope so too. If it gets big, I do plan to seek funding, incorporate and sell forum hosting for it. I'm currently looking into for the servers, because they offer co-location in Atlanta and Chicago, two locations I like.

Site is up (partially). Check it out!
Apologies for the double post.

We have ordered a new server from TortoiseCloud and plan for it to be up tommorow, allowing us to host the site without preformance or bandwidth issues, as it is a low-cost cloud server.

Expect it be up tommorow.
Glad to see progress. Looking forward to it. Big Grin

Also, double posting is perfectly fine in project journals. Wink - Our next project...

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