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Google Docs

Anyone tried it? 

I tried it recently because I didn't have Word on my Mac, libreoffice wasn't available, and i couldn't find any alternative that wasn't complete garbage. I get word through Citrix from university, but it runs on a virtual machine from a server and has terrible lag. Not really worth it. 

I gotta say Google Docs is d*** good. Far better than Libreoffice and it's web based! 

Anyone else tried it? What are your thoughts? If you haven't tried it, go try it now. Tongue
hans: have you considered running word under wine? or getting the mac version of word?
I use it exclusively for personal use now. Still Office products for work.

I have to say I am surprised with it, but in a good way. Not quite as functional and easy to use as Office products, but definitely a solid product and easy to use.
Yeah we use word at work too. I find it too complicated...

On the bright side they've still got windows 7 on the computers. We'd all be f*** if they went for windows 10. Big Grin
I have to use a combination of both windows 7 and 10 at work sadly Sad

but at home, linux all the way Cool and I use Open office for everything even at work... with lotus notes for email.
They use openoffice at your work? Interesting.

Everything i've seen at every job i've ever had has usually been word based. I had someone tell me that it was imperitive to use Word for my resume just to make sure the formatting was spot on if someone opened it in word.

Honestly although word is definitely the de-facto standard across multiple platforms, I do think more attention should be payed to some of the alternatives. Nobody likes a monopolization of technology at the end of the day... Sad
I work at IBM and they use a mix of open office and lotus notes.

of course people use mac, linux, unix, and windows here depending on the account you are on so universal software is a must.

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