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Your dream computer workstation

They support 4GB of RAM, but that includes graphics memory, system memory, etc... as well, so it works out to around 3GB or so regardless of the operating system.

I can host a 3 person FTB/Minecraft server on 0.5 mbps with minimal lag.
Err what do I put here?<br /><br />I like Minecraft? I play Minecraft? <br />I play Sim City 4? I play Sim City 4?<br />I also don't like democracy! Wink
Oh wow, that's pretty impressive.

My home pc at the moment got it last October.
Six monitors
64gb ram
Mainly just use it for development work.

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Wow, that's pretty freaking incredible. The RAM alone leaves many lower end servers in the dust.

Do you have it set up as a localhost or a server by any chance?

No do not use as a server. I do nearly all my testing remotely with automated ftp/svn.

As for PC/Monitors ordered them from
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Nice. I only have one monitor for mine. I have a broken monitor somewhere, but it's a pain to work with so I don't have it set up right now. I'd like to invest in new ones at some point though.

Regarding servers, I used to do a lot of development on my localhost, but nowadays I do dev work on an external server. I find that it helps me to stay sharp and familiar with the whole environment, and that's always important haha. Tongue

I would love 64 gb RAM! Huh

I'm stuck with 2. I only have a 1.60 GHz processor too :/ (Dual Core)
Err what do I put here?<br /><br />I like Minecraft? I play Minecraft? <br />I play Sim City 4? I play Sim City 4?<br />I also don't like democracy! Wink
Shockingly, I can brag to you about my 3.25 gb ram and 2.80 ghz dual core processor :\
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@Durfsurn: Which version of Windows do you have?

I'd love that PC. I have 8gb RAM though. As for monitors, I actually use an HDTV.
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given my current machine's prowess as a gaming desktop... I think my dream machine would be some kind of quantum hybrid machine with crystalline storage, photon molecule based qbits and organic interfaces... but given how far away that is I'd settle for a copy of watson lol.

alternatively though... basically this.

[Image: 4205c03a.jpg]

I'm already sort of on my way but acquiring hardware is only getting more difficult, interfacing systems old and new so I can have universal compatibility is a real pain lol... but on the other hand, the terminal is god, all praise the command line for it links us and feeds us, amen.
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