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The 000webhost sucks thread

000webhost is one of the few free webhosts that has been around for an extended period of time. They offer generous bandwidth and disk space limits on the surface, but like all free webhosts they will suspend your account very quickly if you use any real resources for your website. They don't put ads on your website, so they really can't make much money off of what they do. In addition, many accounts are created for malware purposes, so 000webhost will often suspend accounts just because they suspect something going on when there is no problem whatsoever.

So, I figured since some of us here have some experiences with free webhosts I'd start a discussion on it. What's your experience with them? - Our next project...
I will never recommend anyone to try out 000webhost.

If you need free hosting, try Weebly, Blogspot or Wordpress.

Usually good blog or forum hosts are good enough for most people. The reason many people settle with hosts such as 000webhost is because they like having direct FTP access, but it comes at a high cost when it comes to "free" hosting in general haha. - Our next project...
We really need a thread to agree unanimously that 000webhost is crap? Tongue
It's only to provoke the haters of 000webhost haters, obviously.
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haha, I probably shouldn't be encouraging flaming here, but meh... we already have the SMFnew thread. Tongue - Our next project...
I have try 000webhost. I also have a website with them. However, they delete my account due to inactivity.
They delete accounts for inactivity and for activity. I mean they advertise 100GB of bandwidth, which is generous for a free host, but if you use like 5GB of that, they'll suspend your account for resource abuse.

It's impossible to win with them, or really any free host for that matter. - Our next project...
000webhost sucks. End of story. Tongue
(August 13th, 2013 at 7:35 PM)bugara1 Wrote: 000webhost sucks. End of story. Tongue

+rep Tongue - Our next project...
So, let's all just post in here to hate on a crappy web host and see others hate on them to reaffirm that we still hate them! Tongue
I've used 000webhost in the past and to be honest, it's okay if you just want to upload a couple of files or test out your website while it's being developed. However, if you're planning to get visitors to said website (assuming it's already live), you should think about going with another web host that places ads on the web pages of your website, or get paid web hosting (paying for hosting - examples of well known web hosting companies - HostGator, Blue Host, etc).

I'm not sure how the stories go with 000webhost suspending accounts, but I don't think they'll be generous enough to host a website as large as IGN for FREE (IGN is one of the largest gaming websites on the Internet). It's shared hosting and I wouldn't want my website to be hosted on the same server with malware/etc. That's just me, Wink
same with meh they delete my acc huh suk 000webhost
(March 2nd, 2018 at 2:42 AM)aiwasevil Wrote: same with meh they delete my acc huh suk 000webhost

Yeah they will, pretty much if you get any activity at all. It's a little frustrating. Tongue

What are you trying to host? - Our next project...
They delete accounts for inactivity and for activity.
The 000webhost sucked over 10 years ago when I used it and it still sucks today.
(July 18th, 2018 at 11:14 AM)spork985 Wrote: The 000webhost sucked over 10 years ago when I used it and it still sucks today.

And sadly, to this day, thousands of people swarm to build their next level website on the dreaded triple 0. Only to have it taken down because they didn't upload a file during Christmas week.

A moment of silence for the n00bs indeed. In Need.
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I'm surprised they've found a way to stay in business.

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