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Ajax Chat vs. IRC

Ajax chat is a popular ajax IRC script that has many basic features using an ajax protocol, making it very simple for users without the need for flash or an IRC client. It's generally more advanced than many ajax IRC bridges, so for users who don't know a whole lot about IRC, it has many advantages.

On the other hand, Ajax chat clients can be very server intensive on older servers when hundreds of people are online at a time, and don't have many of the advantages that committed IRC users have come to love in IRC. Users usually don't leave their ajax chat open like they would leave an IRC client open, and for multiple channels at once it is inconvenient.

What's your preference?
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Yeah, I like AJAX chat, since it brings back memories from the old CSGf, but I'm going to have to say IRC. I think it's more modular, but it is also showing its age.
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IRC is one of those old technologies people keep trying to replace, but I think it will be around for a while. It would be interesting to see it replaced, but I'm not sure what people would improve in it. The only thing I can really think of is better webchats, but that's not hard to do and has nothing to do with IRC itself.
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I prefer IRC. It's customizable, you can use your own client and there's not much setup to do.
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The lack of additional setup is a nice advantage to IRC. It's also really nice that you don't have to pay for your own VPS or server to get a channel set up. With ajax chat, there really is no way to get one set up for free, but IRC makes it very quick and easy to set up a channel.
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I am used to with IRC, I voted for IRC.
I voted for IRC, I have been using it since the early 2000's. My brother got me into getting on there and I have had a few of my own networks on there before.
ajax chat is good but I still prefer IRC.

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