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Worst chain restaurants?

What are the worst chain restaurants ever to exist? I'd say taco bell has to be on the list for sure, at the very least. - Our next project...
Toca Bell
Burger King
among all others.
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Those are all pretty popular.

McDonalds and Burger king are alright for a quick bite to eat, but their food really is pretty gross, so I would agree. Wendy's is also one of those places I don't particularly love. Their food is pretty gross, so yeah. Tongue - Our next project...
Worst chain ever? Wafflehouse. There are people who love it. Then there's everybody else. I'm one of the latter.
Wafflehouse is disgusting.

Another that has disgusting greasy food that always smells and tastes of old frying oil is Kentuckey Fried Chicken. That chain too is disgusting.
KFC used to be pretty good, actually. Then all of a sudden they started losing their quality.

Waffle House has never been any good whatsoever. I haven't eaten there in ages, and have no intentions of changing that. - Our next project...
Taco Bell

I used to work at both wendy's and McDonalds- turns me away from eating at those.
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Wendy's doesn't even have very good food either. - Our next project...

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