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Important Guidelines/Information

Welcome to the mature discussions/philosophy and debate section of Makestation! Mature discussions, current events, debates related to controversial topics, religious and political discussions, etc. can all be posted here. In order to keep the peace, we have set some guidelines that participants in this section are required to follow. Please do your best to abide by these guidelines to keep this section enjoyable for everyone.

General rules:
  • Be respectful of the opinions of others, even if you disagree. Debates that become chaotic or uncivil will be locked or removed by a staff member in order to preserve free and open discussion. 
  • A user's post in this board only represents the opinion of the user that posted it. In no case will a user's viewpoint represent the viewpoint of many, or the entire site. 
  • We welcome free and open discussion on this board. As a result, in order to preserve free and open discussion, we ask that you to refrain from attacking another user's beliefs or taking offense because they disagree with your viewpoint. No user is required to participate in any of the debates in this board if they feel uncomfortable doing so. 
  • Staff members are allowed to participate. However, they are held to the same rules anyone else is held to. In no case will the viewpoint of a staff member represent the viewpoint of the entire site. 
  • This section has a PG-13 content restriction. We do have a non-public 18+ section of the forum for mature topics that do not fit the PG-13 requirements. Please note that this section has the same restrictions against graphically offensive and/or p*** content that are held elsewhere on the forums. If you are at or over the age of 18 and are interested in joining the 18+ section of the forum, you may join the "downstairs" usergroup via your Usergroups Management Panel. Please note that we will request your birthdate via PM to verify your age before you are granted access to the downstairs section of the forum.
-The staff - Our next project...

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