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New Smilies and Ranks

I've finally begun work getting new smilies installed and working. (Using the defaults was a bit meh in my mind. ) I plan on making additions to them over time, and the ranks will probably be significantly improved soon. (Maybe once we hit 2500 posts we can celebrate by getting all new ranks. ) For now, we have something other than the defaults. Big Grin

If you guys have any suggestions for smilies to add, feel free to leave them here. I'm open to hearing your suggestions, and I'm expecting our smiley set to improve significantly over the next few weeks. Big Grin - Our next project...
Kind of iffy on the similies, particularly this one: Tongue. New ranks are cool, though.
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Yeah, I'm not particularly loving that smiley either. I'll try to find a replacement for it fairly soon though. - Our next project...
Smileys Big Grin Tongue Smile

And new ranks OMG!
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I've gone through the smilies and have updated them again. I plan on adding several more soon. Big Grin

Thoughts? - Our next project...
Not a huge fan of [Image: smiley.gif] - creepyish. Tongue
[Image: 3GnR8g1.jpg]
The Big Grin smiley was a bit odd as well before I had it replaced. I'll replace Smile soon. - Our next project...

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