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what web comics have you been reading/following lately?

what web comics have you been reading/following lately?

tell us about some of your favorites!

here are 3 of my favorites

Edison Rex
basically if lex luthor killed superman and decided to become a hero rather than a villan.

Manly guys doing manly things.
basically, it's a bunch of comics about fictional manly men doing stuff that's sorta out of character/out of their normal realm of things, sorta like how actors chill on their days off.

Guilded age
in a world where companies are corrupt the biggest MMORPG decides to try out a magic based VR and ends up getting 5 people trapped in a fantasy world which is sort of a parallel pocket universe?  you'd have to read it to understand it better.

there's more but I wanted to get the ball rolling.
I just want to add a couple more I've been reading.


El Goonish Shive

both have been running for a long time and it took me a while to catch up.
i have actually not read much in the way of web comics..

i have seen a couple " The far side" ones, if you feel those would count here ?
sure, I don't see why not
I wish I could find this one far side comic I thought was absolutely hilarious and post a link here, But I have tried already to find it in the past and was unsuccessful
The original author has actually requested that his stuff not be posted to the wired.

but there's plenty of other comics that have been including peanuts, family circus, and many others.
so I've been reading some really funny webcomics lately, here's a new favorite of mine.
(October 18th, 2017 at 1:44 PM)SpookyZalost Wrote: so I've been reading some really funny webcomics lately, here's a new favorite of mine.

There's some good ones!
indeed Big Grin
so I've got a new one for you guys.

basically, it's garfield, staring John Arbuckle without garfield.

as you might imagine, john's basically a lunatic who talks to himself without his feline companion there lol.
Tongue That's pretty funny!

Creative quirk to a classic.

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