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Hearts of Iron IV

Go through spurts playing this game, but I love it! 

My current run-through with Japan, I was able to conquer China about 6 months before what could have been Pearl Harbor. Knowing the course of history, and wanting to play with it a little, I decided to accept the United States embargo of oil and look elsewhere. I invaded the Soviet Union. In another wrench thrown in, France turned communist right before Germany decided to invade, and allied with the Soviet Union. All sides were thrown in quickly when Germany invaded the Benelux regions and France. The Allies and Comintern made quick work of the Soviets. So, I've been fighting them all alone after they've been strengthened by consuming much of Eastern Europe. So far I have been able to avoid intervention from the rest of the world. 

As of 2 December, 1943:

[Image: eGBVCtb.jpg]
ya thanks for the post !

I just love war and strategy games man..
I finally (after 3 tries) won WWII as Germany. It helped finally having competent allies (Japan and Italy), and avoiding dragging the US into the war. Which Japan did only two weeks after the main conflict. France and the new British Empire are now puppets, so you still see them. 

[Image: 9LCixC5.jpg]
Had to get a shot of my Italy conquests before I get steamrolled by the Soviet Union. Thanks a lot Germany:

[Image: avV7v3x.jpg]

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