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i have started drinking fruit/ veggie smoothies now..
I have enjoyed them to a surprisingly degree so far
What kind of smoothies? - Our next project...
2 bananas, 1 cup frozen mixed fruit. 1 cup of spinach leaves, 1 cup of yogurt + one cup of OJ..
I love smoothies, but I can never get a decent combination myself. So, I stick with ones other people make.
An old boss of mine used to bring in these massive kale smoothies with four cups of kale, two cups of spinach, a half cup of yogurt, and ice. Thing was the absolute most disgusting thing i've ever seen in my life. Supposedly was healthy. Tongue - Our next project...
Yes, it sounds quite healthy there..

but I have to have mine with fruit and doctored up a bit with yogurt and my usual cup of OJ..
Wife made one the other day... delicious! A lot of fruit, so a lot of sugar.
yes , i forgot to mention perhaps I always add a fair amount of spinach leaves to them Smile
I dont change the mixture for these smoothies very much..
Sometimes i have added some Kale to them. but the kale does have more an over powering flavor
than the spinach leaves seem to have.
Drinking a Peach/Blueberry smoothie with almond milk right now.
that sounds like a nice refreshing one there Guardian !
It was! on to a Strawberry milkshake protein smoothie.

I didn't realize how often I actually do have smoothies. Tongue
there generally pretty healthy.
so glad to hear that this is becoming a habit for you my friend..

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