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I was gonna buy some sprint stock about this time last year... It was running at less than four dollars a share. Mostly for one reason. Sprint actually has more spectrum than pretty much any other carrier, which means great things for 5G, but almost all of their spectrum is very high frequency, in the 2.5 GHZ range. Unfortunately, while it's great for speed and Sprint is no doubt one of the fastest under ideal circumstances, it also doesn't penetrate long distances or buildings very well. The result is fairly unreliable service and poor coverage if they are gonna depend primarily on their holdings of high frequency spectrum to build a high capacity network.

Anyway, the hype was there. And I'm kicking myself for not jumping on the gun because sprint stock has almost tripled since then.

However, T-mobile is about to have almost as good coverage as verizon, for much better prices, much better network reliability, and has more hype behind it now. And on top of that, with the disbanding of analog TV's, T-mobile just bought up a storm of spectrum in the low frequency range, which will do wonders for its network reliability and its long-range coverage. Sprint completely sat out on the auction, and isn't really doing the greatest job pulling a good force behind it as it seems. Their coverage still somewhat depends on roaming to fill in major coverage gaps, and they haven't really done a whole lot of good for their own in house network lately. On top of that they have cancelled a lot of their biggest promotions (such as the "cut your bill in half" event), which has kinda aggravated some customers whose bills are suddenly higher now.

I switched from Sprint last year and I didn't realize that good cell coverage was really a thing. Never tried T-mobile, but I'm on AT&T now, pay 40 a month for unlimited data (6 gigs of it at high speed), and unlimited talk/text, reliability and coverage is great.

Still shoulda bought stock, kinda kicking myself for that one, but I think my eyes I think are turning elsewhere for long term investments at this point. We shall see what happens with 5G... I could be wrong I suppose. Tongue - Our next project...
great post here Hans..

I just wanted to mention i have been using T- mobile as a part of my Brother's family plan for quite some time now..
But it is not one of the better carriers.. It seems less reliable than most of the others..With plenty of gaps in there coverage areas it seems to me

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