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there's books, video games, music, movies, magazines, cyberpunk is a whole media genre in of it's self, it's also slowly becoming reality, like some kind of subconscious thought traveling back through time and infecting how we perceive the world and thus making it real

What is cyberpunk
Examples of cyberpunk works

now that that's all out of the way, let's begin... let's talk about cyberpunk media you are interested in, how does it affect your view of the world, or maybe just how close the cyberpunk and real worlds are?
The cyber punk videos links you post are fine with me !
I'm inspired now... I'm might get a cyberpunk outfit together just for the heck of it. Tongue - Our next project...
view new thread for ongoing topic, it's labeled specifically as a discussion thread, will be adding to it as well, please close/merge if possible.
Request granted. Thread has been closed.

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