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JFk and more ...

Yes, but of course it depends on what is in these final JFK docs .. and Just because there supposed to be released tomorrow.. you have to figure its going to take several days for researchers to start going through all of the and reporting back to us , the things that are relevant to 11-22-63 and after ..
Yeah, I'm not expecting much too crazy, at least soon. A lot of digging is to be done.
ya , im really not expecting any big revelations here , and no new significant smoking guns here Smile
Some good news just came in here for a change Smile
That is good! Could be some more interesting pieces!
Yes, it was helpful, but the main org, related to JFK, is the CIA and what there up to with this
For the most part, .. the JFK research community seems to be winding down now..
I have noticed this rate accelerating more in the past few months than ever before..
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The mass release of documents may have put some of it to bed, no?
i think there are still many important docs that have yet to be released..
I think there is a dead line about those that are supposed to come up in April
So i will be checking on that and will update this thread when i find out something..
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Michael Paine, who was the husband of Ruth paine , passed away on March 1 st ate age 90..
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