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First Post of 2017

I'm still here!
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2nd post, a little late!

I still check in from time to time as well.

Who's third?
Hey, I am glad to see people are still posting here, and that the site is still active !
Haha some surprises have popped in! How have you guys been?! Long time no see.

Well. it is sure good to see you around these parts again my good friend !
Making do. Glad to see a few more people popping back in. Now that I know people still lurk, I need to remember to check back in more often.
Thanks man,

i was really hoping you would !

I just think it was such a great site, with some creative ideals and well put together.. I just hate to see a site of this quality just completely die and vanish and go to ashes.. or I least I want to try and stave off the inevitable for as long as possible !

Anyways, I hope you will pop back in again soon man
Soon is soon!

I think with just a few people still here, it will never die. Just need to get some of those creative juices flowing again!
It is really a great feeling we are back in here posting regularly again..

Brings back a lot of the memories of the "good ole times" here..
Now we just need another to pop in every day and we'll be off. Hope someone else stops back in.
yes, i am still working on trying to get a few of the guys to come in here and post some, like the good old days,,
but no far no 'takers" as yet.. But i will keep a- tryin !
We need to get Hans back!
Ya sorry . I have not posted for awhile...Guardian !

I forgot to check the site for a bit there..

But I know 2 Hans... but i think I know which one you are referring too perhaps,,

But i will try to check the site more often now to see if your still posting here, my apologies..

Yeah, it happens. Real life comes first. Still hanging in just in case someone else decides to pop by.
Thanks Guardian !

You are dedicated along with me to try to bring some life back into this site..

This other chat room , where I sometimes hang out.. where some of people in that chat also have a member ship here..

That is where I am hoping to talked some people into posting here again more often.

But things have also been super -slow over there as well Huh
All it takes is one. Well, two. The two of us is just enough to not make it too dead.
yup, but I am still trying to round up the troops again !

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