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Ask the mad doctor Zalost anything!

what it says on the tin, ask me anything! and I will answer truthfully.

but be warned, depending on the questions... you may go mad hearing the answers Wink
Why were you gone for almost 2 years? What inspired you to come back?
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I just forgot about makestation, and you can thank hans squeeky for bringing me back.
Where's Waldo?
in which image? because he's here, he's there, he's everywhere and nowhere... shoot he's both inside and outside the black hole! might as well be an omnipotent being!
Welcome back!

Oh, a question.... how have you been?
Deliciously insane, but otherwise fine? haha!
(May 7th, 2015 at 2:16 AM)SpookyZalost Wrote: Deliciously insane, but otherwise fine? haha!

Interesting way to put things... Tongue

Delicious... so what taste?
sweet, with a slight salty/spicy after-taste, like trying to taste dark matter only to find it turned into quantum foam haha.
What teacher made a difference in your life? Who had the largest impact on who you are today?
(May 18th, 2015 at 10:52 AM)theezy Wrote: What teacher made a difference in your life? Who had the largest impact on who you are today?

honestly? Bill Nye as far as teachers go, I woke up every day early just to watch his show, and sometimes neil Degrasse Tyson.

I learned more from watching educational TV than I did in school Big Grin

but as far as who made the largest impact on who I am? I'd say the 3 main people would be Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstine, and Leonardo Da-vinci, they're my heroes and growing up reading about them made me the mad scientist I am today, made me question everything and seek the impossible.
well I'm re-igniting this thread because I'm sure there's more questions people would like to ask, especially now that I've more going on, so let's continue!
yes this is by far your best efforts with what you have built to far with the cyber deck and related system...

I think I need to look it over more before i have any specific questions as yet though.
of course take your time, speaking of, I've upgraded the CPU, I'll have some pictures soon but now it's got a graphical interface and can play minecraft!
How do you pronounce "Zalost"?

(March 4th, 2020 at 1:26 AM)Darth-Apple Wrote: How do you pronounce "Zalost"?

Za as in Pizza and Lost, sorta like the lost.

Za Loh st, Zalost
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
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