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stem cells, use them or ban them?

simple thread debating the ethics of Biotechnology and stem cells, as well as their uses both positive and negative.

so to start with here's the first on topic point.

given that stem cells can be obtained from alternative sources other than fetuses, what other ethical considerations should be considered given their uses, both positive and negative?
also, why should we/shouldn't we, use them to help people?

and... GO!
I have no ethical concerns as long as fetuses aren't murdered to obtain them. The research seems pretty promising, and I don't feel we should be worried about potentially "playing god" with these types of innovations either.

It is, of course, the murdering of fetuses that is often used to obtain stem cells that I do not agree with. My viewpoint on those matters is fairly unpopular in a lot of ways, and does get me quite some backlash at times, but honestly, I cannot, in good conscience, advocate the abortion of a baby that is fully alive for the purpose of scientific research. I personally am someone who is very glad to be an individual who has lived a very full life thus far. If everything I had ever become and accomplished was not possible because I was killed as a science experiment, you know, that stuff is emotional.

I am, of course, very glad to see that a lot of progress is being made on alternative sources, which is very promising for sure. Stem cells are on their way to becoming one of the biggest innovations we've seen in a while for healthcare, and it's definitely going to change a lot of things for people with various diseases that would otherwise not be easily curable. - Our next project...
you make a good point Hans but what ethical considerations would you want to think about given the potential of stem cells, how should they be used/not used?

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