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Thoughts on my new PC area/workspace.

After re-organzing my living quarters I was left with little to no space for a desk along my walls, so I went ahead and did something rather neat! ^_^, also there was bonus space so I setup my soldering workbench up here now!
[Image: IMG_20150420_201034.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150420_203144.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150420_203154.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150420_203205.jpg]

So? thoughts, opinions, maybe I should add something? I do plan to add more shelves just fyi, but besides that I'm open to just about anything atm!
Very nice! And best of all, you're using SM chat! Tongue

Nifty setup. I like it.
thanks ^_^.

I was actually looking at upgrading my monitor with a touch screen, so who knows hehe.
so for anyone curious this is what my workspace looks like now, touch screen and all.

[Image: sQyStpT.jpg]

old school mechanical keyboard, touch screen monitor, desktop on top shelf, laptop on bottom shelf (laptop is an IBM W500 with built in finger print scanner).
16 port 10/100 ethernet switch, 4 port KVM, Blue snowball mic, peg board (which I have been putting tools on since this pic was taken.
my oculus rift, and my desktop who's setup includes the following.

MSI G skill mobo
AMD 8core CPU 4.2ghz.
32GB ram.
NVidia 970 PCI-E GPU.
tall heat sink/radiator with dual fans, one input one output.
2 120GB SSD's, 1 for linux, 1 for windows...
1 2TB Sata HDD.
1 ASUS Wifi AC PCI-E card, linux compatible out of the box.
1 USB SD card reader
and a PS3 controller which I have hooked up in Linux steam and use for linux gaming.

also on top of the PC is a book on Antennas for making your own.

here's an older pic taken before I had my tools and whatnot setup.

[Image: nG9fRUv.jpg]

I can probably do more but for now I'm currently hunting for another switch to hook my game consoles into the ethernet network with... for remote file transfers and stuff between consoles and PC.
it all looks fantastic Spook !
is it fully completed now ?
(May 19th, 2017 at 9:47 AM)brian51 Wrote: it all looks fantastic Spook !
is it fully completed now ?

it's a work in progress, I plan to bring up my computers from the basement and network them into everything using more shelves and such so you may see more PC's soon.
Quite a bit of nostalgic technology there! Love it!

(May 20th, 2017 at 1:02 AM)Hans Squeaky Wrote: Quite a bit of nostalgic technology there! Love it!

oh yeah, I'm a firm believer in recycling/reusing old tech when appropriate, after all 90% of the time it's simple fixes to get stuff working and you save tons of money doing that too  Cool

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