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Screenshots from Cities:Skylines

An update on my octagonal city, since I did a bit more recently:

[Image: BF56619F53499AC9D064CA70C109CCC553392C41]

I'm up to about 52,000 population now - but that's sure to grow, since there's still plenty to add before I reach the edges of the map!
[Image: pkmb0Gv.png]

#ForzaJules 1989-2015
That looks good!

Connect those highways! Tongue
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(February 20th, 2021 at 2:30 PM)Guardian Wrote: That looks good!

Connect those highways! Tongue

Thanks Smile !

Yeah, the main reason why I hadn't connected them was because I wasn't sure what to do with the junctions Tongue . In the end, I decided to go with simple junctions with only four off-ramps (just because I didn't fancy filling the entire city with those complex diamonds, which are costly and frustrating to build >_< ):

[Image: A9A1988B3FE53A06DC5B5BA80B9558B012475550]

Also, my city's population has gone up by about 5,000 (was 52,000 in the last screenshot, but is now up to 57,000). I haven't added that much new housing (a little bit at the top and bottom), but quite a few blocks in the middle have been upgraded from low-density to high-density.
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[Image: pkmb0Gv.png]

#ForzaJules 1989-2015
Looking better already! Tongue

I need to preplan like this. This looks great!
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