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Religiously Linux

I'll admit it. Ever since Windows failed (again) on my PC, I am now religious as a linux user. I don't even really care what I use as far as distributions are concerned (although secretly I do, but I'll pretend I don't to avoid being divisive Tongue). Personally, I just use Ubuntu because it's popular and well supported, and just about everything works great with it. I have found myself going back and forth between Unity and Gnome 3, but I really have found Unity to be a pleasant desktop environment to get the hang of. It's not all that well designed as far as the annoying dash is concerned, but with the exception of the dash, everything else is clean and simple. Open applications are very easy to get to as well on the side launcher, and the HUD is pretty nice to avoid going through annoying menus constantly. 

I'll admit that I'm certainly not afraid of the command prompt, as I have done server maintenance that has my skills fairly sharp, but honestly, I find linux a lot easier to use as an everyday user. With windows 8, you don't know if the setting you are looking for is buried somewhere deep in the control panel, in the settings app, or in some side panel on the start screen. It's a real pain to figure out where everything is, and it lacks any consistency whatsoever. To be fair, the settings application in Ubuntu is pretty crappy, but at least everything truly is easy to find and it's in one place. It beats having to search three different areas in windows for a simple setting, or constantly having to switch between fullscreen "apps" (which are littered with ads) and the normal programs. 

Then of course, no anti-virus software or system maintenance/defragmentation software is required, which is quite nice, particularly considering how often I somehow managed to get malware on my PC as a windows user. No annoying restarts are required for minor updates either, and the hard drive and RAM requirements are significantly lower. Many free programs are also available for linux, and I have yet to run into anything I need that I don't have (besides microsoft word maybe, but I found WPS office to be a decent replacement for my needs). 

So yeah, I am now pretty much completely windows-independent. Anyone else here just as excessively religious about using linux? 

Screenshot of my awesome linux-powered desktop - Our next project...
I've never used Linux on any of my personal computers, but I have used Ubuntu before. I haven't used Linux enough to make an opinionated statement on it, but so far what I've heard has been good (except compatibility with some programs).

I will probably install it some day...
I've been fed up with Windows too and have been meaning to setup linux Mint back on my old laptop. The biggest impediment has been my laziness. Tongue I said I was going to do it late last year and haven't done it since then. I guess I am waiting for that 'straw that broke the camels back' before I do it. Not religious about it, but I definitely love it.
I'm an avid linux user myself, using a combination of crunchbang and ubuntu server (Command line only), for a multitude of old machines that I collect, though I do use ubuntu desktop for my gaming desktop (dual boot with win 7 x64 ultimate).
as you have probably guessed I'm still an avid linux user, though ubuntu mate is my current flavor, with a dual boot with windows 8.1 on my desktop.
though to be honest I haven't booted into windows since january as I've now successfully removed my need to use it.

Edit: quick point here, the last few videos I uploaded to youtube?
all of them were recorded, edited, and uploaded in linux from start to finish, even the games run natively, it's great!
@Darth-Apple are you still using Ubuntu religiously?
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(November 15th, 2020 at 8:42 PM)Thomas Wrote: @Darth-Apple are you still using Ubuntu religiously?

Actually, on my other computer, yes. I don't fire it up very often, but I don't have Windows on any of my devices anymore. I do most of my development on Debian nowadays as well (prefer it for dev environments), so I'm still using it on a regular basis as well.

Mac OS has still been my daily driver for some time now though. Looks like it will be for the forseeable future. I used to have Ubuntu installed on a dual-boot setup on my Mac, but it broke with an update and I briefly replaced it with Windows, which broke too. This Mac only really likes other OS's in virtual machines apparently.  Dodgy - Our next project...
@Darth-Apple Probably helps that mac OSX and Debian use the same shell eh? lol
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