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Multiple computers?

I recently got my desktop working again. I have absolutely no idea how I did it. I think it was a power supply issue, but oddly enough, the last two times I tried to replace it did not help me. For whatever reason, a couple months ago, it worked when I gave it a third attempt. 

The first thing I did was reinstall Windows 7 to get rid of all the crap I had on there before I switched to my (fairly) new laptop. Being that I'm used to either windows 8 or Ubuntu (with me refusing to touch windows nowadays), I was a little surprised at how outdated windows 7 felt, but meh, hey, it was a working PC! I quickly realized that having everything on one computer was better because everything was in one place. I didn't feel like transferring files and programs between two computers constantly, so my newly working computer has been taken off of my desk. 

Anyone else have two PCs that they use actively? Are they for different purposes, or do you generally have two or more PCs that are used equally for the same purposes? - Our next project...
I used to use 2 computers. My problem was similar to yours. I didn't like transferring files all the time and being stranded on the computer without important documents. I would use an USB as a middle man between my computers, in case one unexpectedly died because sometimes I would be so far ahead on one computer but very behind on the other. But I have only been using one computer for the last 5 months because of keeping up with documents.
This is also why I don't like to use my smart phone. All my passwords are written down and I can't check any sites on my phone.
I have Windows 7 on my work computer and Windows 8 on my personal. I much rather prefer Windows 7. I wish I had it on my personal as well.
I have a vast collection of pc's, but only 2 or 3 I use on a regular basis.

all running linux, one running both linux and windows 7 (I really dislike windows 8).

and most of those pc's are way out of date hardware wise but work just fine (one of which is from 1986.)
(April 18th, 2015 at 6:10 AM)SpookyZalost Wrote: and most of those pc's are way out of date hardware wise but work just fine (one of which is from 1986.)

Wow! Tongue That's crazy. 
yeah... I have an old pic of a few of them in my old workspace.

[Image: snapshot-15.png]

my current workspace is much cleaner and more organized, I even have a soldering table setup and stuff now.
O.O What a mess!

I see it's a lot of old equipment. Very nice. Big Grin - Our next project...
Brings back memories. Tongue
What's the purpose of that stuffed teddy bear?

it's just random stuff, that was in the basement of my house so stuff was stored down there besides my pc's.
so quick update, I'm slowly moving my old pc's upstairs to my workspace, with the network switch in place and more shelves I should be able to remote into them and use them as headless terminals Wink

not sure where to put my old imac's though... they take up a lot of room lol

as for the original problem, this is why I like networked raid array's, if a hdd fails there's a backup, I'm actually currently working on converting an old SCIS raid into a SATA raid array, it's nice and heavy ^_^

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