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Worst websites ever?

You missed the third rank from the left too Tongue
And I think people need to stop using the word "faggot" so generally... people forget that its an extremely derogatory term for "gay"...
Honestly it's a bit unprofessional too. I mean if you allow profane language on your forum, that's all fine and good, but don't leave the evidence of it on the index page. It's ridiculous, to say the least. - Our next project...
Agreed. It's probably a ten year old's site.
Is it even legal for a 10 year old to own a forum website? I'm not sure considering COPPA restrictions and all that. - Our next project...
unless the 10 year old had parental permission it wouldn't be legal in the US, not sure what laws apply (if any) across the world.
His host is american though, so he has no choice but to follow COPPA laws regardless. - Our next project...
So much fail there... so little time...
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totly pr0nz!!!1
I'd say this one can be added to the list. Tongue - Our next project...
Umm.. I hope that's not a real site for a real used car dealer Tongue

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