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n00b math hypothesis

There's this thing going around my head.

Is it possible of any circle C(O, r), an arc of say 'L' units can approach a straight line when the radius 'r' nears infinity?

Observing that any arc of length 'L' becomes closer to a straight line as radius 'r' increases.

That's kind of what I WAS trying to point out...

Well, to me, that's like trying to say that 2.01 is 2. Or that 2.000000000001 is 2. As far as our ability to imagine detail is concerned, there comes a point when we don't care, and that for practical purposes they are the same, but in the world of math, 2.00000000000000000000000000001 is never the same thing as 2. Tongue - Our next project...
Well, it's true, otherwise division by 0 would have been possible long ago.


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