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I'm still playing around with mine, and now I'm just starting to really make good use of it. I have my galaxy tab 3, which is pretty nice for the most part. It's a little shy on the RAM, which makes it difficult for certain things when it comes to working with several apps at once, but besides that, it's pretty nice. I've gotten almost all of this semester's textbooks as ebooks and saved hundreds of dollars as well. 

Unfortunately, I need wifi to do anything, but that's not a huge deal. It's definitely proven useful so far, and it's way easier to use and to carry around than a full laptop. 

Anyone else here use tablets? If so, what tablet do you personally use? - Our next project...
Used a tablet, though I'll admit that it didn't hold much use for me as none of my curriculum's books are available as eBooks. Or that I feel it's too unreliable to carry around.

Add that to the absolutely despicable quality of internet here, it rendered my tablet almost useless as of now. Should have saved those 8 grand and got a large screen smarty instead. Oh well.

I use a tablet for streaming, remote computing, and as a general use device, but it's just so darn useful.
email, Youtube, hulu, and as a personal journal (with audio input startrek style!), I love it! ^_^

it's also my map, and my info guide, and various other things Tongue
Tablets used to replace my laptop a lot for casual browsing. I decided I liked being able to type, and the galaxy tab is pretty slow, but I agree, it's quite useful for sure. Especially when it comes to doing homework assignments on the go. - Our next project...
I'm looking for a buyer for my tablet now.

what kind of tablet is it? @ Electric2Shock

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