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Taboo for you?

What is taboo in your country, but not in another?
Kissing in public? Not that hard to guess, we have sh8tloads of that here.

In public or in private? In the US it depends on the region. In the Bible Belt: everything.
Oh god, this very post would be taboo in the bible belt! Tongue - Our next project...
(January 21st, 2015 at 5:47 AM)Hans Squeaky Wrote: Oh god, this very post would be taboo in the bible belt! Tongue

Well, I did say EVERYTHING.  Tongue
you know it'd odd but here where i am specifically not a lot is taboo... other than the obvious but we're more liberal about that stuff than a lot of the US.

like I've seen people ignore people running around nude sometimes and shrug it off like it's normal.
People do that around here! I had a friend that used to go skinny dipping just for the fun of it. Was a little sketchy but they got away with it. - Our next project...
Here in the UK, we seem very reticent to fly the national flag. A few people might fly the flag of their constituent country (e.g. England or Scotland), but most don't bother at all.

I know the US does it a lot, but it's not just an American thing: in my travels to Norway, Sweden, and so on, I saw a decent number of houses flying their national flag. On the other hand, here in the UK, it's just not something that's done, except on national holidays and other special occasions. If anybody here did have a British flag flying outside their house on an everyday basis, then they'd probably be viewed as hyper-patriotic (and not in a good way).

(And, yes: I appreciate the irony of me saying this when I have that same flag featuring prominently in my own avatar Tongue )
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