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Noah (the movie)

I just finished watching a rented copy of Noah, a movie that isn't particularly new, but was deemed controversial enough to gain quite some attention from some religious groups that were expecting a more "christian" movie with regards to the movie's plot. When watching the movie, I made a point to avoid judging it based on its biblical accuracy, primarily with the consideration that the production team had openly admitted to its lack of biblical accuracy. But, with that said, I too will admit that the movie was absolutely nothing like the biblical account. I'm not sure I really cared. It was an interesting movie nonetheless. 

Perhaps what had left me more disappointed was the fact that a seemingly kind and loving Noah had turned into a character of hate later in the movie. Towards the end, it becomes clear that god is portrayed as virtually uninvolved in man's final fate, and it overall is a sad ending. Shem is the only one who really seems blessed by much by the end of the movie, and noah's inability to see Ham's good intentions to take his girl upon the ark is, quite frankly, startling. The plot as a whole feels like a portrayal of hate in many respects, and the second half is particularly depressing to watch (and also seems a bit inconsistent with the earlier part of the movie in some ways). Nevertheless, the intensity of the movie was entertaining, as was the deviance from what the everyday audience might have expected. 

For those who have watched the movie, what were your general thoughts on the movie as a whole? Was the deviance from the expected plot well played, or do you feel it was an idea that was poorly implemented?


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