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Reading - love or hate?

Personally, I love reading, whether it's the old classics or newer literature. I'm not exactly the greatest at it, but it's an enjoyable pastime. What's your vote?
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I personally love reading. either classics or newer fiction.
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I love reading. I read science fiction: Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Orson Scott Card. Card's Ender series has over a dozen books and has been going since 1977 and more books will be coming out in the future.
Star trek? I really love their books. I've heard a lot about doctor who as well, and may try reading some of it soon.
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yeah, Doctor Who is pretty good, you should read it, and watch the TV show Smile
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I don't normally watch TV, but perhaps I'll make an exception when I'm getting some good suggestions for it. Big Grin
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If the book is interesting, I do not mind reading it.

If the book is boring, of course I will not read it.

It depends on the book.

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