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Social networking - good or bad for society?

Social networking, without doubt, has become very popular over the past decade. It has also evolved significantly. Originally mySpace was the hit. Then facebook hit the scenes. While facebook is undoubtedly still the largest social network today, networks such as twitter and instagram are becoming increasingly popular at a rapid pace.

Personally, I love social networking. I'm active at many social networking sites, but I also see a lot of people who post the strangest status updates possible. (Do I really need to know that you are going to the store at this very moment? Tongue ) I feel that, while it could be a great tool without doubt, it can also be harmful towards real relationships. What are your thoughts on the issue? - Our next project...
I personally hate it. I'm perfectly fine with IM, texting, or simply making a phone call (which is something people have seemed to forget how to do these days). I wouldn't say its destroying society outside of the fact that a lot of people are addicted to it. People just need to learn self discipline.
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I use it, and most of my friends are twitter/facebook, etc. do to, but none of us are addicts, so I wouldn't it's destroying out own little eco system. I've seen people facebook each other when they're next to one another, but this was on a city bus, so I suppose if they don't want everyone to hear them that makes sense...
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It's very much that way with texting too these days. - Our next project...
I think social networking is addictive to some people, and can even replace 'real life' with 'social networking life' (which is sad, because it makes people lazy DSmile
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I personally don't think it destroys our "little ecosystem" unless people are addicted and use it in place of actual real life, which isn't a good thing.
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I use facebook to connect with some people exclusively, but that's because out schedules never mesh and allow us to meet up. Or they live too far, etc.
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I think social networking are fine, as long as you do it wisely.

Social networking websites have changed the landscape of internet.

Agreed. Even recently, the latest trends in social networking have even changed the social networking world itself. - Our next project...
I do not like social network. I only giving away my personnel info. They like to sell the information to third party. They even sell our information to the government. I have tried Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Myspace, Friendster, Tumblr and Soundcloud
Sell it to the government? If you ask me the government is already watching each and every thing we do on the internet. But I might just be paranoid...
Haha access to all verizon calls already being given to the government? I'm not exactly a fan. Tongue - Our next project...
I don't really use any social networks anymore. I use Skype, e-mail & Forum PMs/Comments Big Grin

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