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Lost in development

For the last few weeks I have been working on a forum of mine but I think I've got lost or something. I have everything setup and got some content built but I don't know how to advertise. I have gotten a few people to post but that's it. I don't know any sites where to advertise and I don't have enough money to buy ads. The niche is Call of Duty (not general CoD discussion) which appeals to a wide range of audiences. Does anyone here know where I can properly advertise to get my forum out there?

Thank you.
There aren't really good places to advertise these days. I used to try the whole promotional threads thing, and paid for ads a while back. We only got a single member from paid ads. Promotional threads helped a bit, but they didn't do us a whole lot of good in the long run.

I honestly recommend using good connections and keeping a small user base active. You can use signature links that will help you gain a lot of traffic as well. With a nice theme and some good content, people are going to be much more likely to join when they do visit, so having a good first impression will definitely help. Besides that, patience is an important factor. Forums that start slow aren't bound to fail.

Good luck with your forum. Smile
Would have to agree with Blake on this one. Paying for ads doesn't really work out that well, and creating threads specifically for your forum doesn't work well either.

What I've found that works is to create helpful posts that include your website. So if someone is looking for COD tips, for example, you could give them a few and while you're at it, tell em' that you know of a community that can provide that person with even more tips. Smile

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