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What have you been reading?

Holy Bible, unironically.
Figured that pretty much any story that's ever been written is in some shape structured around some religious story, or will hold some degree of allusion, so I figured I may as well just go all the way down the rabbit hole and start reading religious texts.

Reading the King James version, not the NIV which has been tainted with '''''modernity'''''.

Considering starting some Murakami once I'm done (or at least once I'm through the Old Testament, or sidebyside maybe as an audiobook on the bus or something.)
After Dark looks pretty interesting. 1Q84 also has a neat premise but that and Kafka on the Shore both seem like those 'basic bitch' kinda works to read, whereas After Dark is a lot more passive.
Just finished Little brother... 374 pages in 16 hours... yeesh

but it was so good I couldn't put it down.

FIGHT THE SYSTEM!, the only real security is knowledge.
homeland insecurity...

etc... etc... etc...

Edit: now reading the sequel called homeland...
it's good so far, on page 58

edit: 10-17-19
finished homeland, finished it's sequel Lawful interception.

so far they were all great.

and turns out the author provided them on the tor library so if anyone wants to read them.
I am currently reading The Warlock: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott.
I'm currently reading the comic series "The Unicorn and the Fox", but I'm actually reading it for work. The author asked our magazine to do reviews of each issue, and I'm happily in charge of comics and things. :3
I've been reading two things simultaneously.
the first is BSOF (the Bastard Operator from h***), basically an actively mallicious sysop does evil things to users and the company he works for.

it's 90's computer tech satire.

along side it I've been reading this great fanfiction involving spiderman being sent to the Hero Academy universe.

it's great, and I've been enjoying it.
Currently reading: Hacking the Xbox by Andrew "bunnie" Huang
(February 15th, 2020 at 3:49 PM)SpookyZalost Wrote: Currently reading: Hacking the Xbox by Andrew "bunnie" Huang
Thanks for taking the rec lol
@Lain: loving it so far, it's expanding my approach a bit which is good, I was struggling a bit and this is helping a ton.
(February 15th, 2020 at 4:29 PM)SpookyZalost Wrote: @Lain: loving it so far, it's expanding my approach a bit which is good, I was struggling a bit and this is helping a ton.
Yeah not only is it historically accurate in everything that the teams tried, but it also gives some guides on how to make your own homebrew mods and all the methodology used to get past the bootloader shit.

Guess I'll also drop what I'm getting through.

I read After Dark like I mentioned in last post. Amazing book, it captures the atmosphere of a modern (slightly-dystopian) Tokyo and the entire book takes place in one night ranging from love hotels, a Denny's, the basement of an apartment building, an office, and just shows all sorts of different lives and how the night isn't all that different than the day. Dunno if I like Murakami's writing style since it really sounds like he wants to write more about horny Beatles fans, but it was a really good book.

Considering starting Killing Commendatore next, since I also got an audiobook of that.

Currently getting through K-Punk, the late great theorist Mark Fisher's blog about the cancellation of the future through pop-culture and how nostalgia is essentially what most pop-culture is feeding off of (I mean, look how popular citypop/lofihiphop/mallcore is nowadays, sampled from 80s songs, and today while out, I heard old Jonas Brothers songs and Green Day's Holiday playing on the radio.)
Also great if you want to understand modern trends from a more philosophical standpoint, but keep in mind that Mark Fisher was British so most of his works will allude to the British punk movement of the 70s, with punks screaming 'No Future' and whatnot. The intro to acid communism is also in the book, which is what I found really interesting, and sounds exponentially more optimistic than his book 'Capitalist Realism' in which he describes the other end of Marx, where Marx would talk about revolutions throughout the ages in his writings (think: the manifesto talking about the French Revolution,) Fisher talks about how a slightly modified version of capitalism is instated as a result of every revolution and that true communism isn't impossible because of human nature being oppressive, but that it's what people are familiar with and can compatibly work with.

Also finished reading some of Joyce's works (Dubliners, mainly.) Great collection of short stories, not that I actually enjoy the writing or style (I really don't), but I find it extremely reminiscent of my own hometown and this sort of grainy and slightly pessimistic outlook on life. Ulysses is next on the list, after I finish Gravity's Rainbow already (It's been nearly a year since I started.)
tommy jaud books in german, It is difficult to translate the title into English, because it writes in dialect, are very funny from life.  ... Titel .. remaining holiday, or foolish or I have to give a shit: The manifesto against the guilty conscience - American invented by Tommy Jaud -..... Vollidiot
I'm currently reading "A Head Full of Ghosts" by Paul Tremblay. I'm about 2/3 of the way through the book and I hope to finish it soon.
Quote:I'm currently reading the comic series "The Unicorn and the Fox", but I'm actually reading it for work. The author asked our magazine to do reviews of each issue, and I'm happily in charge of comics and things. :3

This sounds like a really good comic. 
I am currently reading The Knife's edges by Matthew Wolf. 
Not the best-written book but the story is captivating.
I'm on my latest re-read of Harry Potter. Currently at Goblet of Fire which is my favourite so I've got that going for me which is good.

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