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Wide/narrow designs

It's a debate of whether to encourage compatibility with legacy monitors, or whether to make use of the glamorous real-estate of large 1920x1080 LCDs. Mine is personally a 1600x900, which I think is pretty much the sweet spot as far as good webpages are concerned. 1366x768 is workable as well, but outside of this narrow range, designs either end up incompatible with small devices or they end up looking bad on large screens.

I personally think that a design should be supported on monitors of at least 1024x768 because, believe it or not, the resolution is still in use. Besides that, people don't always keep their web browsers maximized, so I think it's fair to require support for at least 1024x768, if only to allow people to keep webpages clean on the eyes (and personally, I think this is the only primary reason 1024x768 isn't dead yet). I don't personally think webpages (whether fluid or fixed width) should extend past around 1600 pixels in width either, as I think once you start going far beyond that, it gets hard on the eyes. 1600 pixels in width looks just fine on a 1920x1080 monitor. Then again, highly responsive designs may make good use of the extra real estate.

With the port of the current theme to MyBB 1.8, one thing I have worked hard on is to implement smarter fluid width values to ensure that the page is within reasonable limits and can adjust better depending on the monitor size. I've also done some basic responsiveness to adjust padding and a few other values to look at its best on 1024x768 monitors. The max width for the container/wrapper is 1460 pixels, and the minimum will be about 990 pixels, and after doing a lot of testing, I think that's pretty much the sweet spot that manages to make good use of a variety of monitor sizes while maintaining compatibility and readability, as well as a somewhat consistent theme feel.

What is your opinion as far as widths? Do you generally lean towards narrower page layouts, or do you prefer wider layouts that cater towards modern displays? Personally, I feel that some sort of responsiveness is the future, but the internet has been slow to catch on. Tongue

That post, IMO, would have been much easier to read if the container was narrower. Just sayin'.

(November 1st, 2014 at 3:25 PM)Electric2Shock Wrote: That post, IMO, would have been much easier to read if the container was narrower. Just sayin'.

* Darth-Apple sets container width to 600 pixels. Tongue

* Electric2Shock has lost all motivation to read the first post.

(November 1st, 2014 at 3:50 PM)Electric2Shock Wrote: * Electric2Shock has lost all motivation to read the first post.

* Darth-Apple goes further and reduces the width to 400 pixels to ensure compatibility with legacy monitors.

* Darth-Apple is too lazy to try responsive designs instead. Tongue

I tend to use adjustable sizes, such as percentages for my designs. They offer more diversity with smaller screens, and the fact that I have a massive screen, I tend to make massive websites and others can barely see the logo. Tongue I am trying to teach myself responsive design. (Not that stuff where it's a completely different design for mobiles & tablets, that pisses me off.) I mean stuff like, where if you resize your browser, the grid will resize with it, the menu will change to either a more compact menu or a dropdown. I have started working on getting MyBB Market responsive, so far, so good for the home page:
However, the forum seems to have a little trouble with my grid. :/

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(December 18th, 2014 at 10:41 AM)Harry K. Wrote: MYBB AND THEIR d*** TABLE'S! IT'S NOT 2000'S ANYMORE! MOVE ON!

+1. It is annoying... Tongue

I never do site widths in percentages anymore. I think 1000px is a good base for most site designs.
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I try to design mine with 1000px or something in that area in mind as well, but I like to have some flexibility to make use of different screen sizes. The container here doesn't extend past about 1440px or so at its max, so I still have a limit to it. It actually doesn't look quite so nice on smaller moniters. My attempt at responsiveness failed brutally so I didn't really bother with the details. Tongue


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