Poll: How do you make use of object oriented code?
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Everything should be object oriented
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Code should generally be object oriented, but there are exceptions
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Object oriented code should be used where it makes sense (for structures that actually constitute objects, etc.), but should be used lightly otherwise.
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Object oriented code should be avoided if possible
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What's object oriented code?
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Object Oriented Code

What is your opinion on using object oriented heavily? And by heavily, I mean basing an entire application on it. We're definitely not talking about applications that selectively use any sort of combination between "procedural" and object oriented programming styles here. Tongue

Personally, at least as a PHP programmer, I hate code that is object oriented for no reason (although, to be fair, PHP isn't the greatest as far as object oriented code is concerned Tongue). Some may call the shots and call me a bad coder for it, but if something isn't an object, I don't really see the point in making it one. Of course there are advantages. One of my favorites is the fact that you can use function names that you want without having to conflict with other functions from other elements of the code. It definitely helps keep function names very short and easy to remember.

However, that said, I find code that is object oriented for no reason to be much messier and significantly harder to follow. I personally use procedural code for elements of code that aren't necessarily objects or meant to be object oriented, or for basic API functions used throughout the code. For things that can be considered objects (where instances need to be created, etc. ) I'll definitely make use of object oriented code very quickly.

What is your opinion? Do you feel the advantages of clean code and the lack of conflicts between variables and function names are worth the mess involved in making entire projects 100% object oriented? Or... are you more like me and use object oriented code only when it makes a specific task at hand significantly easier?
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* Electric2Shock doesn't know what object oriented code means.

* Electric2Shock feels happy to know there is an option that says " What's object oriented code?"


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