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MyBB regional site

MyBB has it's own community site that houses the MyBB community of the world.

Regional forums that offer special support for MyBBers of that region have also popped up. MyBB-Ir, MyBB-Esp are some examples.

I followed suit and created a MyBB-India, but I never really had the time to push it off ground.

With MyBB 1.8 coming, a push to the launch is possible as with the release of MyBB 1.8, activity will see a significant push.

Should I give it a try again?

Hmm, I wasn't aware anyone could just do that before. I thought it had to be official, although I suppose you are well known within the MyBB community.

How active is the India community for MyBB? If it's active, I'd say the release of 1.8 is the perfect time to create a new site for it. Big Grin

We've got effone, envira, Rihtar, me and a few coders in the MyBB community. All from India. And yes, I do see the occasional Indian in the support.

I'd say go for it, and get a nice customized theme for it of course. Tongue

Some of the localized support sites have looked pretty neat in the past. They always feel more customized than the official forum does.


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