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What games are you currently playing?

I need to get DOOM ETERNAL immediately or I will die
Actually scratch that I'm too angry to die

It's like 80$ CAD, typical, not too bad given how shit the dollar is now (less than 60$USD)
But the problem is I don't want to spend forever downloading it and running it off the drive in my PS4.
My PC is too shit to run it too, overheats and throttles at low-res in f*** League.
So PS4 is the only option for me to play it, but everything's closed here til further notice. Can't go to gamestop, can't go to any other electronics chain.

And the cherry on top: is sold out.

literally shaking rn i f*** need to play this game
i'm gonna replay DOOM 2016 in the meantime to keep my anger up and prevent myself from going thru demon-killing withdrawal...
(March 24th, 2020 at 9:25 PM)Lain Wrote: I need to get DOOM ETERNAL immediately

Good luck. I've been thinking the same about Mount & Blade: Bannerlord. Game has been announced for 8 years and is supposed to release the day before April Fools day. I hate it. Tongue

You guys won't see me for a month when it does come out. I will be quarantined within quarantine.
I have been back on Destiny 2 (PC) lately with a good group of friends and it's been a right laugh. Not hard to find a group to raid with in the current corona situation.

With a little side of FM20 Tongue
Bought Assassin's Creed Odyssey on sale... and I've gotten lost into the game.
So I've been playing house flipper Simulator.

it's actually a lot of fun and I'm enjoying the act of restoring old houses and selling them lol.
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
[Image: 5.jpg]
Just downloaded the FINAL FANTASY© VII: ReMake demo on PSN.
Will update how it is later when I actually get through it.
If it really is as great as people say, I'll buy it, even if it means I don't have enough moolah for DOOM: Eternal, since I do enjoy JRPGs way more than any other genre, anyway.

Note: FFVII is NOT the best FF as everyone says it is.
Anyone who claims FFVII is the best FF is a f*** power. FFVI is OBJECTIVELY the BEST FF made. In Japan, this was FFIII but the Western release was titled VI.
Other early releases are also good candidates, and FFVII is really good, but most people who have actually played the other games will 99% of the time have a different favourite game.

Even though XIII got a lot of hate because it was hardly an RPG at all, XIII-2 and LIGHTNING RETURNS both redeemed it as an incredible game.
Anyway, off to beat this thing in the next hour or whatever, brb.

edit: it was pretty good. even the ch1 boss took me forever just like the original game did
i really like how they blended commands and the gauge bars into the realtime combat, it works incredibly well. im not very fluid with it because new controls which are p different from ffxv, but im impressed with the innovation.

oh and jessie is wife tier
gonna have to update my thoughts on the remake
first of all: aerith rly is best girl. this is an objective truth. shes actually the perfect blend of being cute and witty without being obnoxious and annoying. honestly they scripted her character perfectly to the point where she's not a little bitch like tifa sometimes is, but no hesitation to talk back with a sarcastic remark.

but i'm at chapter 14 now. there are 18 chapters total apparently. i've played for about 23hrs now, so realistically i'll beat it around the 30hr mark based on other estimates. i might replay chapters based on completion, but i think i've been pretty thorough with scouring all items in each map so far, so I wouldn't put my replayability past 10hrs. which leaves me with about 40hrs of playtime, or 2$/hr is what I paid

i like to gauge value by the benchmark of 1$/hr, generally speaking, based on other games ive played, but with new releases and AAA titles that will eventually have their price dropped to something more reasonable, it can be hit or miss. i mean, i spent 120hrs+ in persona 5, and only paid around 50$ for that (and it's 15$ on PSN now because of the P5R release), so you do the math there. maybe not worth, but i need to actually finish the game and do some replaying to actually gauge it properly.

the game is beautiful and they really focused on the story and making sure it didnt deviate from the original.
unfortunately, that's also a problem in and of itself.

too many cutscenes.
and i need to hold triangle down for 5 seconds to skip them sometimes, even if they last 6 seconds, so essentially unskippable.
the game just takes control away from you in later chapters like twice a minute to force another cutscene because it needs to focus on emotion and character development and story and all that, but around those chapters, it really does start to feel like a visual novel almost. i feel like it could have done better a a movie than a game, albeit a long f*** movie lol. some parts feel like walking simulators. some of the, feel like it's just forcing a million fights down your throat (trainyard) to try and build up suspense, but looking back on those parts, it really feels like it added absolutely NOTHING to the story whatsoever, and the game could have been fine if that little segment was five minutes long instead of the two hours it took me to clear it because of running around unlocking doors and paths while having a million fights (where i cant use normal attacks, mind you) ongoing.

the followers system is sort of like ffxv where ignis/gladio/prompto follow you around, chat, point stuff out, suggest things to do, fight in combat and otherwise just be themselves, but in ffxv they feel a million times more useful. gladio runs over to pick up items. prompto takes cool photos. all of them actually fight and you can synergize your attacks. in ffvii, i can watch tifa in a fight just sit still for 5 seconds before punching the enemy three times, then sit still for another five seconds. none do any cool combos or anything, none have any special abilities or anything like ffxv. i get that it's a remake and trying to stay as close to the original as possible, but honestly why go through the effort of making the follower system so similar to ffxv but just water it down so much that it serves no purpose?

the combat is beautiful and feels streamlined with commands. pretty good.
the story is amazing, of course.
the soundtrack is mostly okay, i do like the soundtrack for the expressway, trainyard, and the battle theme in ch8 where you're not in a fight but keeping the suspense up again while you're rescuing kids. but overall the music collection feature feels kinda useless and those songs are mediocre. the rest is more or less standard.

but rpg elements are also lacking. sure, there are some side quests you can do in certain chapters, but you can't go back to them. when they become available, you absolutely cannot under any circumstances continue the storyline until you complete them, else you just won't be able to do them later, and the game even warns you about this if you do try to continue the story. so again, it really just feels lacking. there are a total of like five side quests every time i've encountered them, which makes for a total of ten. they don't really build to anything, though, no fancy unlocks, just some XP, potions, and money as rewards.

right now i can only give it a max of 6/10. too many features that were added for the sake of calling it NEW AND IMPROVED but without really improving anything because they wanted to stay close to the OG. the only really innovative feature was combat, but even then, your followers suck a** unless you control them yourself, but you can only control one at a time, making the others a**.

gonna finish this shit up tonight i reckon.
I bought a new PS4 for € 90 on Friday :-) with Lets Play SEBASTIEN LOEB RALLY EVO PS4

I still need a Thrustmaster T150 RS “gaming steering wheel
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I've played with those steering wheel controllers before on PS-2 era games. They are so much more immersive. It's difficult to play with a regular controller.

I'm actually not a player type, but my bigger son 'Finn' is 12 years old and plays on his Wii U and what else do I know what he has, and he plays everything very well, I act so stupidly with the original controller and the thumbstick
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sephiroth is a pain in the a** as all final bosses in jrpgs are
just complete bullshit
thats the general attack pattern
i reckon the only way to actually beat him is to just f*** AFK and spam heal commands from your other party members in hopes of surviving long enough that their AIs can do enough damage to kill him, then use your limit breaks to speed up the process.

35 hrs of playtime, give or take, for me.
i might go back to chapter selection, but hard mode doesn't let you use healing items in fights, so that's a pretty big no from me.

but, of course, i already did all side quests and found like 99% of items (missing two music tracks probably from early chapters) so i doubt there's much replaying for me.
much rather just replay original, although ive wasted enough time this last week, so i'll put that on hold.

also aerith still best girl, just look how cute she is
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I have now ordered Dirt Rally 2 Season2 PS4

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bought two new games very cheap online

WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship
Full version
€ 19.99

F1® 2019
PSN game
€ 14.99

Big Grin
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Fallout 4 again... new playthrough.
Wait for mine too Thrustmaster T150 RS  Confused

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Looks good tc4me! I want one. Tongue
(May 9th, 2020 at 1:08 AM)Guardian Wrote: Looks good tc4me! I want one. Tongue

I'm still waiting for it :-) Undecided
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Runescape (EoC) Double XP Weekend is on if anyone's tryna grind.
Gonna get to 80something smithing + mining I reckon, also need 55 magic for high-alching so if anyone wants to squad up LMK.

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