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Considering a New Laptop...


I'm currently looking for a new laptop. The one I linked to above is peaking my interest, but I want your guys' advice. Can you give me some?
It doesn't look bad. It has a lot of RAM and disk space for the price, and the CPU is not bad for a low power CPU.

The screen resolution would annoy me, but it's hard to find better in cheap laptops these days. - Our next project...
Thanks for the input Smile

The screen resolution may annoy me as well, but that price just changes everything. It's definitely one that I'm considering.
Yeah, everything looks good for me except for the resolution; I'm too used to my 1080p monitor though Tongue
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I have a 1600x900, and even this feels small. That's partly because I'm using Gnome 3 and keep my browser maximized though. Gnome 3 feels more clean when windows aren't maximized all the time. Tongue

I suppose it's largely a matter of what you're used to though. 1366x768 isn't unusable, so if it's in your budget and it's a decent PC, it's not a bad deal. - Our next project...
I'm not looking at that laptop anymore. Here's the one I'm currently looking at:
Doesn't look bad for a budget laptop. The processor seems decent and it has some expansion abilities as far as the RAM, which is good for a budget PC.

The resolution would still annoy me, but you're not gonna find 1600x900 easily for that price. Tongue - Our next project...
Yeah Smile ah well. Resolution is resolution.

I don't think I'm gonna be buying a computer for awhile. May have to wait a few months or maybe even longer than that.

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