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A proper MyBB Status/Profile Updates Plugin?

So MyBB 1.8 should be out soon, and I've already begun working on plugins to gear up for the release. My BAM Announcements Manager plugin is finished and ready to go, which will allow administrators to manage header announcements in their forum without editing the templates. In addition, it supports random announcement fetching and usergroup based displaying of announcements as well. I may have my Multiple Usergroup Images on Profile/Postbit plugin fully refurbished and ported by the end of the night as well. Big Grin

Once that's done, I plan on porting our current status updates plugin here to MyBB 1.8. I was a bit lazy in the original coding of it, so I will have to fix a number of bugs and expand functionality. One thing that is definitely on the list is translation support and the ability to comment on statuses.

Anyway, my goal is to have a proper plugin ready for the 1.8 release. What do you think is necessary for a proper Profile/Status updates plugin? What do you think needs to be done to improve the current plugin we're using here?
Well, for one thing, it needs to give the actual date of when a status was made Smile currently, it just says 'Today' for every status even though they were made days ago.
(July 29th, 2014 at 6:03 AM)CapTon Wrote: Well, for one thing, it needs to give the actual date of when a status was made Smile currently, it just says 'Today' for every status even though they were made days ago.

Yeah, that's definitely one of the first thing I am going to fix. It's a little on the annoying side for sure. Tongue
Hehe Smile thanks.
I've decided not to do the multiple usergroups on postbit/profile plugin. I found that someone recently released a much better plugin that apparently puts the image on the private message postbit as well, and he clearly went much further than I was intending to. I won't bother doing inferior duplicates.

It turns out that someone apparently did an announcements plugin for 1.6 already as well, but I'm still planning to release mine since I already did the work on it. BAM announcements manager supports certain features, such as "random mode" and the optional global display of announcements, so it may still be useful to some people.

Anyway, that leaves me with only really one project left on my queue. My goal is to fix the bugs, do a proper port to 1.8, and make the plugin translation friendly first. After that, I'll implement the ability to reply to statuses via ajax and make a few minor improvements to the "view status updates" page, and I'll have a new plugin ready to release. 90% of the development is actually already done for 1.6, but 1.8 adds a few new features that will be useful and make the plugin a little more user friendly (particularly with regards to plugin setting types), so I'll be sure to make use of those as much as possible.

Would there be any interest in putting the latest status updates into the postbit (somewhere near the avatar) somehow? I'm not entirely sure if it's possible to do that IPB-style, but if there is any interest for it, I'll be sure to look into it. I'd like to take the chance to develop a complete plugin here. Tongue
@CapTon: I've fixed the status updates plugin so that the correct dates are now displayed. It turns out it was actually a pretty simple fix. Other fixes will be saved for the next version of the plugin, which *might* even have the ability for the latest status to display below the avatar on posts. It's gonna be a nice update, and will be MyBB 1.8-native too. Big Grin
I'm glad you fixed that Smile it bugged me to no end.

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