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Do you consider yourself reserved?

I'm your typical energetic restaurant employee. I'm highly extroverted, fast paced, and have the guts to say just about anything without thinking it through ahead of time (whether that's a blessing or a curse, you decide). However, there is certainly a side of me that is quite reserved. There are a lot of personal details I choose not to share with people that I encounter, simply because it isn't their business. Of course everyone is like that to some extent. I suppose ultimately, it is a "if it ain't your business, I don't need your opinions" type of matter for me. I like doing things on my own where I can, and I'm probably a tad bit stubborn like that. Tongue

Do you generally find yourself reserved, or do you feel a need to share details of your life with those you can trust? Where you you feel you generally fall on the spectrum? - Our next project...
I'm definitely reserved Smile if I revealed enough about myself, my life would change dramatically.
I am so introverted others nearly thought of me as autistic. I didn't talk to people I didn't know or were not familiar with, not even formalities.

That has changed a lil' bit since last year. I've become more polite than before, but I still am not very talkative or friendly among unknowns. I'm quite open among my friend circle, though.

I don't really fall into situations where I speak before I think, but if the situation comes to it, however, I ponder and then properly phrase my thoughts.


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