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Unappreciative bosses

Have you ever worked in a situation where your boss (or bosses) were unappreciative of the hard work and effort you had put in? Or where corporate has been unsympathetic to the actual difficulties of working on the floor with day to day tasks in the company?

I like where I work currently, but I can say that in the past, there have been some corporate issues that could use some resolving. The management is good though, so I can't complain. Tongue - Our next project...
Hasn't happened with me yet Smile it's more so the fact that my bosses get angry because there's never enough business.
The assistant front end manager where I work is like that, otherwise the management where I work is very appreciative of everything. As far as corporate goes, regardless of the company they're just a bunch of pencil-pushers who have no appreciation for the hard work that store workers do.
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