Poll: Extrovert or Introvert
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Ambivert (neither extroverted nor introverted)
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Extrovert or Introvert

Personally, I'm mildly extroverted. Be sure to vote in the poll!
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I consider myself an ambivert, because while I do prefer socialization, I suck at it, therefore I avoid it. So I'm sort of an introvert but not by choice :/
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I would say I am an ambivert.
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Ambiverts tend to be able to play both the extrovert and the introvert pretty well in most cases. I might be one myself, but I generally feel like I lean more towards the extroverted side most of the time.
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I voted introvert, but usually if I'm around good friends (IRL, that is) I usually act as the clown of the group. So I don't think it's completely accurate.
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It's hard to tell in many cases, since around some people I'm rather quiet, but in other groups I'm the extrovert in every circle. The personality tests can't tell all I suppose. Tongue
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I am extremely introverted. I am the rolemodel. Tongue
I am introvert, I believe.

I can be quite extrovert though, but I prefer to be introvert.
I think many people who are active in a lot of online forums tend to be leaning toward introvert. This is a generalization, there are plenty of exceptions.
That is a good observation. I've also noticed that it does in fact seem that a lot of people who are online more tend to be less outgoing in real life, although as you said it does of course depend on the person.
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Introversion seems easier, but I voted Ambivert because I am not one to really shy away, I'm just too lazy some times.
Really could call myself a huge introvert... I'm extremely shy. And being an introvert I can tell you it's pretty obvious that online interaction is a lot easier than in real life because the internet puts a wall between you and the other person while in real life, you're speaking directly to their face.

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