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Simple or complex design

Which one do you prefer when it comes to websites A simplistic, clean design, or something fancy with many graphic elements and lots of buttons, flash elements etc.?
[Image: mrnc7tt5xg8n7y494418.jpg]
Something simplistic and/or clean Smile I like a modern feel on a site.
My problem is always that I try something modern and always equate complexity with a modern design. I don't like oversimplified designs, but overall, less clutter is always better. The art of modern design is more difficult than it has been in a while because of where the overall style of design is right now. Unless you're copying something that already exists. Tongue

I find it ironic since, at least in the field of web design and computer theme design, the trend has gone from fancy gradients and rounded corners to solid colors and solid borders. Windows 8 is a perfect example of that trend.

I would say I like simplistic and clean designs more, they seem easy to work with on a front-end and UX basis. Flash is outdated, the last website I saw with a bit of flash on it was earlier this year at the start of summer, ironically it was my uncles website.(I soon phoned him and said I would redesign his website for free).

However, you can't really just put website design into two basic categories of simple and fancy. Websites all require different styles, interfaces and thus different techniques to provide the right environment for your users and clients to work with. It all depends on the end-user and what they need to see, and what they want to see.
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Preferably, when creating a website, I'll try to implement a simple design that seems logical and works better for the user. However, if necessary, I'll take a more complex route in order to give the user more options Smile.
I like barebones, but most people do not. I like MyBB because it's a very simple, basic experience. Everything is there, right in your face. Help documents, members, search, etc. stuff that is usually "hidden" on other forum softwares, is clearly visible on MyBB.

I am also a hypocrite, in the fact that I don't like change. So, even barebones designs could turn me off if they are not the way I am used to.
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Judge your opinion by checking this mockup I made in a few minutes.
[Image: Mcllxvt.jpg]

Oooh, vey nice! I love the transparency and the blue borders below the headings. Quite nice. Big Grin

Thanks a lot, Squeaky! I haven't started coding yet but I just might finish it in the next week! Thoughts on a background/colour changer?

Nah I love the background. Fits very nicely, and is a pretty nice image.

I've posted about it twice now, but saying again can't hurt: I love it and I can't wait to see it in action.
Most don't realise that the background is chosen keeping the keyword "Indian" in mind. That's mount Godwin Austin, the highest mountain peak in India, 2nd highest in the world.

(April 12th, 2015 at 4:41 PM)Electric2Shock Wrote: Most don't realise that the background is chosen keeping the keyword "Indian" in mind. That's mount Godwin Austin, the highest mountain peak in India, 2nd highest in the world.

K2! Never heard it referred to as Godwin Austin. You learned me something.
Got started on the dev today, here's how it looks in my local environment so far:
[Image: TltRV32.jpg]

You develop stuff fast... That has to be quite a few template modifications required to get that up and running on MyBB. Tongue

It took me 5 and a half hours.

That's not bad. This theme here took me weeks to get it to the point where I liked it. Then again, I didn't really do the necessary step of designing it first. I always jump right into the process of "coding" it Tongue

That's what I did at first, too. This time i wanted to try it the other way and I'll admit it turned out pretty helpful for me!


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